Monday, November 5, 2012


My Predictions for some select races:

President Obama wins with 290 Electoral Votes and also wins the Popular Vote
Obama wins Pennsylvania by 3-4%

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate
Senator Bob Casey wins by 6-7%

Attorney General
Kathleen Kane wins by 8-9%

Rob McCord wins by 9-10%

Auditor General
Eugene DePasquale wins by 1-2%

Congressional District 12
Keith Rothfus wins by 2-3% over Congressman Mark Critz (I really, really hope that I'm wrong about this one)

Northern Pittsburgh state legislative races:

State Senate District 37
Raja wins by 5-6% over Matt Smith

State House District 30
Hal English wins by 6-7% over David Tusick

State House District 16
Rob Matzie wins by 5-6% over Kathy Coder

State House District 20
Adam Ravenstahl wins by 55% over James Barr

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