Thursday, November 1, 2012

More negative mail from Kathy Coder

Kathy Coder continues her attack of State Rep. Rob Matzie. In this mailer she claims that Rep. Rob Matzie raised 'your' taxes by $1 billion. Ms. Coder and the PA GOP point to budget votes that Rep. Matzie made. I know the personal income tax level hasn't been increased since 2003, so what taxes if Ms. Coder referring too? If it is all about corporate taxes, I wonder what other revenue that the GOP and Ms. Coder would have had to raise to offset those businesses taxes? I believe she is referring to a vote against a cut in the corporate tax rate, and not a vote to 'raise' taxes, but I'm not positive.
To claim that a Democrat that spoke out against the cuts to education in Mr. Corbett's budgets proposals didn't vote to 'restore' education funding is just ridiculous. If people believe these twists and turns they haven't paid any attention to the way Governor Corbett and Ms. Coder's Republican friends have been governing Pennsylvania over the last 2 years.
Also, I believe that picture that is used in this mailer is from PCN and should not be used for political purposes. I have spoken about PCN's rule before. 

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Anonymous said...

Just another Democrat giving all my money to the black's on welfare having babies.