Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PoliticsPA: PA-Gov: McGinty Still All In For Governor

PA-Gov: McGinty Still All In For Governor

Katie McGinty surprised the political world when she finished ahead of candidates like Tom Wolf and Rob McCord in the latest fundraising period, bringing in $1,102,857.
The former DEP Secretary also carried over $1.77M from the last quarter and ended with a cash on hand total of $1,618,361...

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Governor Tom Corbett Logic

I can’t seem to get over Tom Corbett’s newest campaign commercial where he brags about firing state employees. Why is our Governor bragging about putting more people in the unemployment line? Ironically, I heard that the Unemployment Office is drastically understaffed to handle the amount of unemployed state workers in Pennsylvania.

But there is one part of the commercial I would love to find a way to fact check. Maybe someone out there that better understands right to know requests can look into this. Tom Corbett claims he saved $43 million dollars by cutting 20% of the state vehicle fleet. I question if he really saved the taxpayers $43 million in costs. Those fleet vehicles are gone, but the travel expenses still exist for employees using their personal cars.
Since Governor Corbett explains in his commercial that he runs the state like your family’s checkbook I assume this is how he has handled the cable bill in his house:

Governor Corbett: Susan, I just saved us $95 a month by getting rid of cable.
Susan Corbett: That’s great! Are we not going to watch TV anymore?
Governor Corbett: No, we have Direct TV now.
Susan Corbett: How much does that cost?
Governor Corbett: $95 dollars, but that’s not the point. We save $95 a month on cable because I got rid of the cable.
Susan Corbett: So we still are going to watch the same TV channels, but we aren’t paying a cable bill anymore? Even though we are paying the same amount for a satellite dish?
Governor Corbett: Yes! That is how we cut out cable expenses in our checkbook!

Unfortunately, the voters will believe Governor Corbett’s talking points about fraud, waste, and abuse. The Democrats are frothing at the mouth for this election, but the reality is that Governor Corbett is going to be tougher to beat than the Democratic believe right now. With the rumors that I have heard about Democrats fighting with each other in legislative primaries this year in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the limited resources for Democratic candidates might dry up before it is too late to help McGinty, Schwartz, McCord, or Wolf.