Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anti-Matzie mail!

Kathy's Coder idea for not letting the Government spend 'your' money? Don't pay your taxes!

What the hell is Kathy Coder talking about? She has attacked State Rep. Rob Matzie for voting in favor of "Pennsylvania's version of Obamacare," yet there are no news sources to back that up. You mean to tell me that Pennsylvania tried to pass state run health care, and not a single paper covered it?
That is because the bill that Ms. Koder is citing was about expanding Adult Basic that covered the poorest Pennsylvanians so that our health insurance and hospital costs didn't go through the roof. Here is the fiscal note to House Bill 1 of 2009. Tell me where you see any number that even comes close to $60 billions dollars?
If Kathy Coder can have this little understanding of how legislation works, what will she be like as a State Representative? 

More malarkey from the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania:



Anonymous said...

Rob Matzie is just a former Rendell lapdog.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Coder is just a (current) Teabagger poster girl.

Citizens Alliance of PA is throwing WAYYYYYYY too much cash at her to allow her to do anything but their bidding, should she make it to Harrisburg.