Friday, March 30, 2012

Altmire mailer: Western Pennsylvania Steel

As someone who watched the 1980's destroy Pittsburgh's steel industry, I join many other Pittsburghers that love to brag about how great our steel mills and Steelers were in the 1970's. I guess I like to forget the smog and grime that filled our air during that time. I like this mail piece because there are still a lot of manufacturing jobs that exist in Pittsburgh and lots of service businesses that work for the mills that are still around so I feel it would really connect with the average voter in the 12th Congressional District.

Altmire mailer: Women can't trust Mark Critz

Here is a copy of the recent Altmire mailer that I received. It highlights the difference between Altmire and Critz in regards to the Republicans attack on Planned Parenthood. As I have said before to my progressive friends, Mark Critz isn't as liberal as you think.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dave Schuilenburg stays on ballot in PA House District 20

This is good news for State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl who now has two opponents instead of one. Even though it appears that Rep. Ravenstahl already had the upper hand in this race. Ravenstahl won in 2010 by 15% and is facing Mark Purcell (who ran against Ravenstahl in 2010) and Dave Schuilenburg. I don't see any mis-steps that Ravenstahl has made as a Democratic State House member. He has voted the way I want Democratic/progressive elected officials to vote.

I hate petition challenges that just seem frivolous. I understand that we don't want 10 people on the ballot, but going after technicalities of seroius candidates is just un-democratic in my opinion.

Press Release from the Schuilenburg campaign:



Summer Hill, Pittsburgh - After comprehensive review by the Commonwealth
Court, local grassroots & community organizer, Dave Schuilenburg,
currently a candidate for PA's 20th House District, easily survived an
unsuccessful ballot challenge to his candidacy.

The challenge was formally filed by Bobby Wilson, a known supporter of
Mark Purcell of Ross Township, another challenger for the seat. Purcell, a
perennial candidate who has lost bids for the same post 4 times in the
past, a bid for congress in 2002, & a bid for County Council in 2005, has
been known for challenging petitions.

"While I respect Mr Wilson & Mr Purcell's legal right to do so, what the
residents of our district so desperately need right now are candidates
ready to run on the issues most directly affecting them, and not petition
challenges & potential redistricted maps. Worse, though, is the method in
which they did so, appearing on elderly voters steps as late as 10pm to
interrogate & serve them with subpoenas, voter intimidation tactics which
are clear signs of a desperate campaign."

Schuilenburg, a 9-1-1 Officer & a respected community leader on the North
Side, reaffirms the reason for his candidacy as proof of why his petition
was challenged. "As I did when I ran for Pittsburgh City Council on the
issues in 2007, & subsequently amassed 25-30% of the vote, I accepted
calls to run again this year on the issues as Mr Purcell refuses to do so,
and would rather run a republican style negativity campaign. As such, he
perceives my candidacy as an obstacle to his quest for power."

"If Mr Purcell truly believes he is the best candidate to address the
needs of voters in our district," adds Schuilenburg, "then I formally
challenge him to a debate! Let's hash it out, on the issues. It is time
that the voters of the 20th District had real choices at the ballot box,
and not just the same unproven and unelectable candidates that they have
seen in years past."

# # #

Hart vs. Demarco for State Senate District 40

All reports and sources are pointing to a Melissa Hart versus Dan Demarco to replace State Senator Jane Orie (R-Convict). Since it is a very Republican area, the GOP nomination is where the real battle will take place. Considering Jane Orie won with an indictment hanging over her head in 2010, it will be tough for any Democrat to win this seat.


Democrat: Dan Demarco - Ross Township Commissioner.

Republican: Melissa Hart - Former State Senator/Congresswoman

Just throwing some names out there:

Republicans: State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, Bob Howard, Karen Shaheen, Robin Redding, Ed Kress, Lou Nudi, Tom Baker

Democrats: Sharon Brown, Jack Goodrich, Brian O'Malley, Brad Cline, Jennifer Rapach, Gerald O'Brien

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This doesn't look good for State Rep. Joe Preston (D-24th District)

From City Paper's Slag Heap

In state House 24, Gainey alleges forgery by campaign of incumbent Preston

by Lauren Daley

Warm weather is finally here ... and so are the season's petition challenges!

In the state House race to represent District 24, the campaign of challenger Ed Gainey this morning trumpeted a legal challenge to the nominating petitions filed by longtime incumbent Joe Preston. Gainey supporters have asked Commonwealth Court to disqualify Preston, and in this morning's statement, the Gainey campaign accuses Preston's camp of forging signatures."

The [petition] objections allege two pages of signatures that are comprised entirely of signatures that are blatant forgeries," the press release states. "Submitting forged signatures displays a blatant disrespect to the voters in the district."

Were signatures forged? The court will have to decide, but you can come to your own conclusions: Here are four pages of contested signatures provided by Gainey's campaign. Judge for yourself.

Visit City Paper's Slag Heap for the full post.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Was that petition challenge worth it?

From the Post-Gazette Early Returns blog:

Altmire poll: Up 24 over Critz

A poll memo released by McCandless Democrat Jason Altmire's campaign claims he has a 24-point lead in PA12 over Johnstown Democrat Mark Critz, a jump of 8 points from a 16-point lead in January.

The jump was driven in part by the Critz camp's legal challenge of Altmire's nominating petitions, which the memo claims turned off voters in the district north and east of Pittsburgh.

The live survey of 400 likely Democratic voters was conducted March 12-14 by Anzalone Liszt Research and has a 4.9% MoE.

Read the full post at Early Returns.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Did Rep. Eli Evankovich break House rules?

On Feb. 23rd I received an email from State Rep. Eli Evankovich that stated this:
If you would like to continue receiving email updates from me about state government issues during the next few months, please take a moment to visit my website and sign up. A state House rule prevents me from providing you with these updates during the 60 days before certain elections unless you specifically ask to receive them. The sign up process is a simple one. Just enter your email address and zip code in the top right-hand corner of my website.

I did not sign up to continue to receive Rep. Evankovich's emails during the 60 day blackout, that I just learned about, and would have started on Feb. 24th. However, just a few days (March 2nd) later I received an email titles 'Notes from Eli.' You can view it here.

So it appears that Rep. Evankovich broke the House rules, but what kind of punishment comes with breaking House rules? Doesn't even look like someone can challenge the breaking of these rules because Rep. Evankovich has no opponents in the Primary or General election this year.

With apologizes to Rep. Frank Dermody.

In my post the other day, I accused State Rep. Frank Dermody of challenging the petitions of James Taylor. I read the Department of State's petition challenge incorrectly and thought that Mr. Taylor was running in the 33rd District for State House, but he is actually running in the 33rd District for State Senate.

My apologizes to Rep. Frank Dermody for accusing him of challenging someone petitions when he had nothing to do with it.