Saturday, December 17, 2011

State Representative Metcalfe introduces legislation to ban Feliz Navid in Pennsylvania.

Metcalfe Introduces legislation to ban Feliz Navid in the Commonwealth.


Pennsylvania House State Government Committee Chairman State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) announced today the introduction of legislation to ban the playing of the Spanish Christmas song Feliz Navid.

“Our American Christmas songs are under attack by foreigners.” said Metcalfe.

Once House Bill 2100 is approved no radio stations will be able to play Feliz Navid in Pennsylvania. Any albums with Feliz Navid will not be able to be sold to Pennsylvania residents.

“Pennsylvania residents deserve the opportunity to listen to their own American Christmas carols,” Metcalfe said. "Not only are illegal immigrants taking our jobs, but they are attacking our ears with their foreign language.

From the PG: New charges filed against Janine Orie

New charges filed against Janine Orie
Justice Melvin's staff offers testimony

Saturday, December 17, 2011
By Timothy McNulty, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Leaning on new testimony from several current and former workers for state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, prosecutors filed a slew of new charges in the ongoing corruption probe against her sisters Janine, her former judicial aide, and state Sen. Jane Orie.

Detectives for Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. filed five new charges against Janine Orie, one of them saying she directed a judicial staffer to destroy campaign computer files before they could be seized by investigators in late 2009.

A grand jury report also includes claims from court workers for Justice Melvin that they have been doing political work for her on state time over two decades in office. No charges were filed against the Supreme Court justice, and a spokesman for Mr. Zappala would not comment on whether any were forthcoming.

Dressed in a red jacket and black skirt, Janine Orie said just one sentence following her arraignment before Magisterial District Court Judge Nancy Longo: "My faith will get me through this."

Her brother, Jack Orie, used slightly stronger words to describe the new charges. "My family is quite disappointed in the amoral district attorney for filing charges with no merit against my sister Janine."

Janine Orie was released Friday night on her own recognizance and is due to appear in court again on Tuesday.

The 29-page grand jury presentment released Friday contains loads of new material claiming Janine Orie -- while an aide to then Superior Court Justice Melvin -- played a key role in working on her sister's successful 2009 Supreme Court run. Her sister Jane, a Republican state senator from McCandless, has been charged with doing similar work in her state office.

The presentment said Janine Orie worked on the 2009 campaign and another in 2003 in court offices; directed other court workers to campaign, sometimes under orders from her two sisters; and when investigators began looking into the work, directed another aide to copy and then destroy campaign-related files on the court computer network.

Read more:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

North Hills muncipality elections

Council Member; Borough of Bradford Woods (3 Elected)
• Gary F. Price, Republican
• Robert S. Stryker, Republican
• Linda J. Philpott, Democratic
• Paul E. Pongrace, III, Republican

Council Member; Borough of Etna; Ward 1 (2 Elected)
• Karen Tomaszewski, Democratic
• Terry A. Huston, Democratic

Council Member; Borough of Etna; Ward 2; 2 Year Term (1 Elected)
• Edward V. Burke, III, Republican

Council Member; Borough of Etna; Ward 2; 4 Year Term (1 Elected)
• Carol Kristoff, Democratic

Council Member; Borough of Etna; Ward 3 (1 Elected)
• David Vinski, Democratic

Council Member; Borough of Fox Chapel (3 Elected)
• James M. Royston, Republican
• Jay S. Troutman, Republican
• Ann R. Meyer, Republican

Council Member; Borough of Franklin Park; Ward 1 (1 Elected)
• Laura A. Coombs, Republican, Democratic

Council Member; Borough of Franklin Park; Ward 2 (1 Elected)
• Richard H. Hartman, Republican, Democratic

Council Member; Borough of Franklin Park; Ward 3 (1 Elected)
• James W. Lawrence, Republican
• Ash Marwah, Democratic

Council Member; Borough of West View (3 Elected)
• Donald E. Mikec, Democratic
• Barry G. Schell, Democratic
• M. Kimberly Steele, Democratic
• Alison Kilmartin, Republican

Controller; Township of Hampton (1 Elected)
• Jerry Speakman, Republican

Council Member; Township of Hampton (2 Elected)
• Joanne C.F. Hart, Democratic
• Sherry Neugebauer, Republican
• Gloria Newman, Democratic
• M. Richard Dunlap, Republican

Auditor; Township of Indiana (1 Elected)
• David M. Laux, Republican

Supervisor; Township of Indiana; District 1 (1 Elected)
• Paul Jorgensen, Republican

Supervisor; Township of Indiana; District 2 (1 Elected)
• Jeffrey D. Peck, Republican

Supervisor; Township of Indiana; District 3 (1 Elected)
• Darrin J. Krally, Republican

Supervisor; Township of Indiana; District 4 (1 Elected)
• Daniel Taylor, Republican

Auditor; Township of Marshall (1 Elected)
• Patricia L. Bolster, Democratic

Supervisor; Township of Marshall (1 Elected)
• Jason Bragunier, Republican, Democratic

Council Member; Township of McCandless; Ward 1 (1 Elected)
• Cynthia Potter, Republican

Council Member; Township of McCandless; Ward 3 (1 Elected)
• Roger Krey, Republican

Council Member; Township of McCandless; Ward 5 (1 Elected)
• D. Lamar Oliver, III, Republican, Democratic

Council Member; Township of McCandless; Ward 7 (1 Elected)
• William J. McKim, Republican, Democratic

Supervisor; Township of Pine (3 Elected)
• Ted Owen, Republican
• Frank J. Spagnolo, Republican
• Philip D. Henry, Republican

Supervisor At-Large; Township of Richland (1 Elected)
• Herbert C. Dankmyer, Republican
• Jeffrey Thomas Sarabok, Democratic

Supervisor; Township of Richland; District 1 (1 Elected)
• Raymond P. Kendrick, Republican

Supervisor; Township of Richland; District 3 (1 Elected)
• George Allen, Republican

Commissioner; Township of Ross; Ward 1 (1 Elected)
• Daniel L. DeMarco, Democratic
• Ann C. Harrold, Republican

Commissioner; Township of Ross; Ward 3 (1 Elected)
• John Sponcer, Republican
• Daniel P. Kinross, Democratic

Commissioner; Township of Ross; Ward 5 (1 Elected)
• William A. McKellar, Democratic
• Grace Stanko, Republican

Commissioner; Township of Ross; Ward 7 (1 Elected)
• Gerald R. O'Brien, Democratic

Commissioner; Township of Ross; Ward 9 (1 Elected)
• Grant Montgomery, Republican

Commissioner; Township of Shaler; Ward 1 (1 Elected)
• Edward Duss, Republican, Democratic

Commissioner; Township of Shaler; Ward 3 (1 Elected)
• David W. Shutter, Republican, Democratic

Commissioner; Township of Shaler; Ward 5 (1 Elected)
• Susan H. Fisher, Republican, Democratic

Commissioner; Township of Shaler; Ward 7(1 Elected)
• Bill Cross, Republican, Democratic

Auditor; Township of West Deer (1 Elected)
• Mary J. Vaerewyck, Republican

Auditor; Township of West Deer; 2 Year Term (1 Elected)
• Sarah Violet Bossart, Republican

Supervisor; Township of West Deer (4 Elected)
• Michael A. Sutter, Democratic
• Gerry Vaerewyck, Republican
• Richard W. DiSanti, Jr., Democratic
• Larewnce K. McManus, Republican
• James Smullin, Democratic
• Tracy Alan Adamik, Democratic
• Bronco Brnardic, Republican
• Richard W. Bossart, Jr., Republican

Friday, November 4, 2011

More Negative mailers from Raja

I have to share this comment that Rich Fitzgerald said at the debate earlier this week about some of the campaign staffers for Raja. (h/t PoliticsPA):

“Mike DeVanney has been part of what’s wrong with politics. Mark Harris is what’s wrong with politics,” blasted Fitzgerald. “They’re bottom feeders. They like to play in the mud.”

“They found a cash cow with this guy [Raja], and conned him out of two million dollars. It’s the biggest con job since Bernie Madoff.”

First off, I have to wonder why the Raja team didn't spin this into a racist comment since Fitzgerald mentioned cows and they are sacred in India. The Raja team has taken every other comment that Fitzgerald has made and tried to spin it in to a racist comment.

Second off, I have to agree with Fitzgerald. Who pays that much money to have a campaign team send almost identical post cards out? His team also didn't have the mailers spread out over multiple days. For how little time people spend reading these post cards, I have to wonder how much Raja wasted on having 2 days this week where there were multiple mail pieces hitting on the same day.

Junior Olympic Softball Coach for County Controller!

I didn't expect Bob Howard to do much of anything for the Allegheny County Controller race. I'm pretty sure he is farther to the right than most of the tea party and was too conservative for the Republican Primary voters in North Allegheny when he lost he re-election for School Board. If I remember correctly he was involved in trying to ban some books at NA while School Board President.

The post card is a little too busy for me, but I did find some interesting/confusing points. While he is going after Wagner for not having 'experience' he also claims being a softball coach is his experience to be our next controller.

Some other things to debunk in this mailer. Claiming a State legislator that handles a $27.3 billion dollar budget has no budgeting experience is just plain confusing. I'm pretty sure legislators have to manage their staff so no management experience is also a stretch.

Also we see again a Republican that throws around the 'career politician' comment. Ms. Wagner is 34 years old and she started serving as a State Representative in 2007. Before she was a State Rep. she worked as a lawyer and also worked for a private company that analyzed budget numbers for governments. So she didn't start off her career working for a politician or in politics so we need a stronger definition of career from the Allegheny County Republican Party.

Since Howard's running mate, Raja, is claiming a part time county council position is a career what does he think about his 4 years on the North Allegheny School Board. According to Raja's definition of career politicians, Howard's claim that 4 years on the school board is extremely different to Wagner's 5 years in the State House doesn't add up.

I also have issues with people that attack politicians for having a family that is involved in politics. While too many people may vote on name alone and/or trust a family member of a politician, it isn't fair to just write someone off because they are related. Just as I would suggest that no one should vote just on a name or a party affiliation, I would suggest we shouldn't not vote for someone because of their name or party affiliation.

Allegheny County Democratic Post Card

Nothing special, just the usual post card with the list of Democratic candidates from the Allegheny County Democratic Committee.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

North Hills School Board Elections

It is tough to get any info on these races and there are only a few that are actually contested after the Primary. Here is the listing of school board elections in the North Hills that will be on the ballot next week:

School Director; North Allegheny School District (5 Elected)
• Libby Blackburn, Republican, Democratic
• Beth A. Ludwig, Republican, Democratic
• Maureen M. Grosheider, Republican, Democratic (School Board President)
• Christopher M. Jacobs, Republican, Democratic
• Joseph Greenberg, Republican, Democratic

School Director; North Hills School District (5 Elected)
• James W. Barr, Constitution
• Lou Nudi, Republican, Democratic
• Arlene J. Bender, Republican, Democratic
• Tom Baker, Republican, Democratic
• Jeff Meyer, Republican, Democratic
• Ed Wielgus, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Pine-Richland School District; Region 1 (2 Elected)
• Therese M. Dawson, Republican, Democratic
• Kevin Nigh, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Pine-Richland School District; Region 2 (1 Elected)
• Christine A. Misback, Democratic
• Peter Lyons, Republican

School Director; Pine-Richland School District; Region 3 (2 Elected)
• Virginia Goebel, Republican, Democratic
• Laura Ohlund, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Deer Lakes School District (5 Elected)
• Michael F. Cavanaugh, Republican, Democratic
• Jodi Banyas-Galecki, Republican, Democratic
• William A. LuPone, Jr., Republican, Democratic
• Rebekah Stankowski, Republican, Democratic
• Leonard Douglas McCausland, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Shaler Area School District; Region 1 (1 Elected)
• John J. Fries, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Shaler Area School District; Region 2 (2 Elected)
• William J. Couts, Republican

School Director; Shaler Area School District; Region 3 (2 Elected)
• James L. Fisher, Republican, Democratic
• Jeanne Petrovich, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Hampton Township School District; 2 Year Term (1 Elected)
• Gregory A. Stein, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Hampton Township School District; 4 Year Term (5 Elected)
• Mary Alice Hennessey, Republican, Democratic
• Pamela Lamagna, Republican, Democratic
• Lawrence Vasko, Republican, Democratic
• Robert Shages, Republican, Democratic
• Bryant Wesley, II, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Fox Chapel Area School District; Region 1 (2 Elected)
• Eric C. Schmidt, Republican, Democratic
• Robin Baum, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Fox Chapel Area School District; Region 2 (2 Elected)
• Sandra Garbisch, Republican, Democratic
• Terrence L. Wirginis, Republican, Democratic

School Director; Fox Chapel Area School District; Region 3 (1 Elected)
• Nancy Bradshaw Foster, Republican, Democratic

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Does Raja have anything positive to say?

More Raja mailings were sent out yesterday. More abortion attacks on Fitzgerald sent to Republican/Non-Partisan households:

These 2 mailers were sent to Democrats:

As I have said before, for someone that says he isn't a 'politician' all we have seen from him are the usual political tricks. Half-truths and quotes that out of context look worse than they are.

Reading these mailing, anyone that understands what County Council does will see through these false claims. Allegheny County Executive does not have any authority over abortion issues. Allegheny County Council has very little to do with the unemployment rate when it is tied to a national unemployment spike. But I have to ask, where did they get their numbers that claim unemployment has doubled since Fitzgerald was elected as a part-time Allegheny County Council member? In January 2000 when Rich Fitzgerald started his first term on County Council, unemployment was at 4.6% for Allegheny County. The most recent data shows Allegheny County at 7.6% as of August 2011. That is not double. Even the highest Allegheny County unemployment has reached during Fitzgerald's tenure is not double (8.6%) of 4.6%. Also if this was sent to Democrats don't many of them believe our unemployment problems are because of Raja's supported candidate President George W. Bush.

Many of us hate that money is so involved in our political campaigns, but it is a necessary evil. Anyone that takes the time to read the actual email that Fitzgerald sent shows that it is a firmly worded request and the pull out quotes used in this mailer appear to be in jest and sarcastic in nature.

So again I ask, does Raja and his campaign have anything positive to say about issues that the Allegheny County Executive actually has authority over?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Raja Mail!!

It appears political mailings are not the cool thing to do anymore. You know what else isn’t cool? Abortion. Abortion is so not cool that the Republican County Executive candidate has to let you know that he is pro-life. What will Raja do about the abortion problems in Allegheny County? Nothing. You know why? Because the County Executive has no authority to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Raja keeps deflecting his poor record on outsourcing by saying Rich Fitzgerald doesn’t want to talk about the issues. Are these the issues that Raja wants to discuss?

The other point about Rich Fitzgerald’s ‘liberal agenda’ is another Supreme Court issue and has nothing to do with the Allegheny County Executive. Raja might want to go back and read the Constitution. Keeping the religious symbols out of government buildings is something our Founding Fathers put in our original Bill of Rights. Why anyone gets up in arms about this is beyond me. The Republicans say they want less government, but then they want to spend our tax dollars to put up religious symbols.

My last critique of this mail piece is that it was sent to Non-Partisan voters. The Pro-life and liberal agenda bullet points probably work well with the Republican voters that vote in every election. Is it a good piece to send to the independent voters of Allegheny County?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Raja sure acts like a politician

Just saying 'I'm not a politician' is not enough to convince me you aren't going to act like the stereotypical politician.

Example 1: Misleading negative ads

I have been very frustrated by the attack ads that Raja have been running against Rich Fitzgerald. One of the most frustrating claims that I have heard Raja repeat over and over is that Rich Fitzgerald is a 'career politician.' I would like to know what Raja believes the definition of the word career is. Fitzgerald graduated from college in 1981 so I will give him about a 30 year professional career. He has been on Allegheny County Council since 1999. 11 years out of 30 is hardly a political career when most of the first 19 years were spent not working in politics. On another note, a county council member makes $9,000 a year. I don't know anyone that would call a job that only pays $9,000 a year a career. Let me re-word that, I don't know any American that would call a job that pays $9,000 a year a career. Maybe that is good money to workers in India that work for Raja's company.

Example 2: More misleading negative ads

I also can't stand the ad with lies that no one, including the media, will take the time to fact check.

The largest tax increase in Allegheny County? Might want to check the revenue from the RAD tax in the 1990's. Haven't we heard this unchecked lie before? Oh that's right, our current Governor hammered Onorato with this same lie last year.

The Corbett campaign even would give credit to the Tribune Review as the source for this so called 'fact.' If you take the time to actually check the article you will see that the 'largest tax increase in Allegheny County history' quote is nothing more than a comment made by an uninformed lobbyist that had an agenda. Glad to see the Tribune Review fact checked that one.

Example 3: Forcing us to read between the lines while denying an accusation.

So the Fitzgerald campaign has gone hard after Raja's company for outsourcing, not paying the minimum wage to his workers, and for suing his employees. I have yet to see a response that either actually denies these accusations or gives enough of an explanation to make me doubt the Fitzgerald camp's attacks.

Some of Raja's responses:

My opponent is trying to distract you from my awesome plans!

My opponent should be ashamed of attacking me about my cutthroat business decisions!

94% of my payroll is in the United States! (No, I'm not going to tell you how much of that 94% is mine, and how cheap it is to employ people in my hometown in India)

I have created thousands of family substaining jobs! I think you are stupid enough to ignore that I don't have to pay as much in India to substain a family.

I could have taken my company anywhere, but I choose Allegheny County! However, I'm also going to tell you how horrible it is here because of 80 years of Democrats being in charge. Wait, why did I pick Allegheny County again?

At the end of the day, Raja sure looks, acts, and talks like a politician. One that is having a hard time not tripping over his own feet.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is a local Republican using government for personal gain? Again?

Back in March, the North Hills Exposure blog pointed out that Ross Township Commissioner Grace Stanko could be in trouble for a violation of the Ethics Act. You can read more about this issue at the Tribune Review also.

A recent article was written at the North Hills Patch about a $142,500 federal grant that Ross Township received for the Perrysville business district. In the article Ross Township Commissioner Stanko is mentioned as lobbying for the grant. Why wouldn't she have asked for this grant? The printing business that her husband owns and prints for government materials for Ross Township will benefit from that federal grant.

The ironic thing about Commissioner Stanko is that she is a proud Republican. So that same grant that she is happy about came from many federal officials that she doesn't support. (Dems: Obama/Altmire/Casey - Republican Toomey can get credit for this too as a federal official for Ross Township)

Isn't the GOP strongly against programs like this when our government is in debt? The grant itself came from HUD. Most Republicans want to get rid of HUD! I guess government spending is only wasteful to Republicans if these programs are benefiting someone other than themselves.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jane Orie needs to resign

As the drama that is the Jane Orie case continues to be dragged out, we are left with a completely ineffective State Senator. She completely avoids all media and the only information we get from her is directly from her office with her spin added to it. I came across this petition a few weeks ago and thought I would share it with my readers. I thought it would gain some traction, but this is further proof as to how ineffective the Democratic Party is in most of the North Hills.

Sen. Orie, please do the right thing and resign from the State Senate.

This petition was created by the Richland Township Democratic Committee (
Facebook - Twitter) and only has 3 signatures after 3 weeks. No wonder the Democrats never have any good candidates in the North Hills if this is all they can muster.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look Familiar?

The recent mailing that someone sent out against Luke Ravenstahl as seen at the Post Gazette Early Returns blog looks rather familiar to me. A negative post card with simple black print on a grey post card with no return address and using first class mail has been done before in Pittsburgh/Allegheny County. Just this past spring in the County Controller race a very similar mailing was sent out against George Matta. Do you think the same person was behind these two mailers?
On a side note, does anyone want to point out that Dan Onorato started his career on city council when he was younger than Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is now? Was Onorato a 'non-adult' in 1991? Also, is 31 not an adult?

From the Post Gazette - Orie wavies hearing

Orie waives hearing, new trial postponed until February

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

By Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The retrial for state Sen. Jane Orie, R-McCandless, has been postponed until Feb. 13 so that the defense can prepare to try new charges against her with the old.

Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey A. Manning this morning agreed to join the two cases together, after having previously denied the same motion by the defense.

Judge Manning said he had denied the request because it was premature. Once Ms. Orie waived a preliminary hearing this morning on the new charges, which include forgery, perjury and tampering with evidence, the case was automatically bound over to Common Pleas Court and Judge Manning's jurisdiction.

Ms. Orie, charged along with her sister, Janine Orie, is accused of misusing her legislative staff and resources to help run campaigns for herself and another sister, Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin.

The original case against her and Janine went to trial in February but ended with a mistrial after the prosecution alleged that the senator's defense submitted fraudulent documents as exhibits.

Those documents -- and testimony by the senator -- led to the new charges against the senator, which were filed in August.

"We all feel very strongly there should be one more trial to address all the questions and allegations raised," said the senator's defense attorney, William Costopoulos.

Having two trials would be a "bit much for the senator, and it's a bit much for the commonwealth," he said.

Assistant District Attorney Lawrence Claus joined in the motion to try the cases together.

"This way, we're guaranteed ... all that evidence will come in and give the jury the proper perspective," Mr. Claus said.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Franklin Park Councilman doesn't care about the future

I have often heard Republicans say that liberal professors live in a fantasy world. I think right wing nuts live a fantasy world where roads never crumble, water pipes never break, and the cost of living never increases for the government. Why would you force a tax increase if something big happens to the local government by cutting the surplus/safety fund.

Franklin Park councilman proposes hefty tax cut
By Adam Brandolph
Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Franklin Park councilman on Wednesday night proposed cutting 2012
property taxes by 15 percent to drain overfunded surplus accounts and
give residents relief in the down economy.

Ash Marwah said trimming taxes from 1.283 mills to 1.1 mills next year
would save taxpayers $225,000.

Marwah said the borough has about $2.6 million in cash reserves and
unrestricted capital funds, and about $2 million in expected income and
$2.6 million in expenses for the rest of the year.

That would leave $2 million in the bank on Jan. 1. The borough's annual
budget is about $7 million.

Borough Manager Ambrose Rocca said the surplus likely won't last.

"This is the time of year when we have a large amount of cash," Rocca

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pine Township windmill fails to generate right price online, put back on market

From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

Making money could be a breeze for the right buyer of a windmill Pine officials say.

Pine Township's wind generator is back on the market after supervisors rejected four bids, ranging from $10,000 to $11,100, for the triple-bladed power producer.

"If you have the right site, you could make a lot of money," said Scott Anderson, assistant township manager. "If you make more electricity than you use, you sell it (electricity) back to the (power) company."

Pine supervisors voted June 6 to re-advertise for offers on the 100-foot, 50 kilowatt Atlantic Orient wind turbine with three 48-foot blades, now on a slope in Pine Community Park.

Pine installed the windmill in 2008 "to help power the (Pine) community center and offset the electric costs," Anderson said. But the installation site turned out to be less than ideal. The windmill generates power, but "it's not a significant amount," he said.

"I'm sure there are people who question the reason for purchasing it, and that's understandable," Anderson said.

Pine supervisors originally advertised the windmill on, an eBay-style online site. When bidding closed last month, the highest bid failed to meet the unadvertised, lowest sale price sought by supervisors.

Anderson declined to reveal that price.

"We know people are interested. We've been in contact with them. That's one of the reasons we're rebidding," Anderson said. "I don't think we're going to use the website ( I think we're going to do a local ad."

Pine received about $60,000 in state funds to cover the windmill's approximately $160,000 total cost. If the township resells the windmill, it's unclear whether the township must return the state funds.

"That is a possibility," Anderson said. "We've been in contact with the Department of Environmental Protection over the issue."

Read more: Pine windmill fails to generate right price online, put back on market - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mark Patrick Flaherty Letter

The was sent to me by a Democratic committee person, so I'm not sure how many people received this letter. I assume this is in response to the negative mailer that Fitzgerald sent out last week.

The letter doesn't do anything to refute the accusations in the Fitzgerald mailing. As a Democrat, it doesn't bother me when some Democrats are pro-life. It does bother me when pro-life/pro-choice becomes an issue in a political campaign for an office that cannot change roe v. wade.

Negative Mailing in the Executive Race

They mudslinging has been going back and forth a bit in the Allegheny County Executive race. Here is the mailing that Rich Fitzgerald sent to Democrats. I think it is a little strong to say someone that has a few stances that are considered to be Republican issues that they should be thrown out of the party. Readers of my blog know that I am progressive in nature on many issues, but also believe that the Democrats need to have moderates on social issues if we want they want to win more races.

Allegheny County Democratic Party Mailings

Below are two mailings, both of which I have to assume were put together by the Allegheny County Democratic Party. The first one is pretty nice and put together well. I like the yard signs on the back. The second one is pretty boring and I'm really disappointed with the size of the Allegheny County Democratic Party's website on the mailing. Also, there is no mention of their Twitter or Facebook.

After checking out their Twitter (last update March 11th) and Facebook page (last update March 7th), it appears social media is not the Allegheny County Democratic Party's speciality.

4th Raja Mailing

Here is the 4th Raja for County Executive mailing.

Chelsa Wagner's bold mailing

Chelsa Wagner sent out a mailer last week that gives the appearance that she was given the Post Gazette Endorsement. While the 2 of quotes from the Post-Gazette are positive, one quote was meant to be negative when read in context. Many out there might have seen this mailer and thought Chelsa was endorsed by the Post-Gazette, but the title of the article that she pulled these quotes from was: "Roberts for the Dems: She understands best the role of the controller" It is pretty bold on Wagner's part.

Just another side note, her campaign slogan is a bit mixed. "Look forward, not back" sounds great, except when you point out how great your legislative record is and how great it is to be the niece of a professional politician.

Alex Bicket Mailing

Alex Bicket sent this mailing to Republicans and Democrats. His website can be found here.

Ed Kress Mailing

Here is the mailing sent by Ed Kress. He is running for the Republican County Council At-Large. Ed Kress was appointed when Chuck McCullough resigned to run for County Executive.

One of these things is not like the other

Below are the mailers sent by Judge Mike Marmo. Different mailers were sent to Republicans and Democrats. Can you spot the differences?

Republican Mailer:

Democratic Mailer:

I think this is a good campaign technique for candidates that have to run on both tickets. Highlight your stances that would work for either party and mail it to the voters of that party. Again, I'm not crazy about using pro-life issues in judge races, sometimes it is hard to win a Republican Primary without at least letting people know your stance.

Two More Mailers from Heidelbaugh

Here are two more mailings sent by Heather Heidelbaugh. She is running for the Republican County Council At-Large seat currently held by Ed Kress (who is also running).

Republican Statewide Judge Mailers

Here are some of the mailers that Republicans received for Vic Stabile and Anne Covey.

Vic Stabile is running for Superior Court:

Anne Covey is running for Commonwealth Court: