Friday, October 19, 2012

Rothfus continues to misrepresent Critz not voting in favor of Obamacare

Amazing how Rothfus continues to rail against Congressman Critz for Obamacare, even though Congressman Critz didn't vote for Obamacare. Just because Congressman Critz didn't participate in the political game by the House Republicans of voting to repeal he now has to put up with this crap from Rothfus.
What is the Rothfus plan for health care? Does Rothfus have any ideas outside of his Tea Party talking points?

Rothfus spins his Medicare cuts proposal

Read the fine print, Keith Rothfus still wants to make Medicare a voucher system. So those of you that aren't near retirement age and have been paying Medicare taxes all your life, you won't have Medicare as we know it.
Rothfus wants private insurance companies to make the medical decisions for you based on price and profit.

Faith and Freedom Mail!

Faith and Freedom Coalition mail in support of Romney, Casey, and Rothfus.

The John Birch Society still has candidates running?

This might win an award for strangest political piece I have ever seen. What is the 'Biblical Truth Campaign?'
Those of you (like me) that are old enough to remember when the crazy John Birch Society had some influence on politics aren't that surprised to find out that Mr. Barr is a proud member of the John Birch Society
Are you allowed to use a political campaign piece to solicit donations for another organization?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney Mail!

Romney Mail! More of the same talking points from the Romney/Ryan campaign.

Mailing from the 60 Plus organization

Just more lies from a group with a name that sounds like they would fight for Medicare, but actually wants to end Medicare as we know it.
It’s like having an “I Love Puppies PAC” that actually lobbies for smaller kennel cages for dogs.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Keith Rothfus' Problem With Facts

Union Mail! In support of Congressman Mark Critz

This mailer was sent to members of the AFL-CIO in the 12th Congressional District.

Don’t believe what you’re told! Rothfus loves his version of Medicare

Political campaigns don’t send this type of mail to defend a candidate unless the negative message is starting to work for their opponent. As has been the major issue in PA Congressional District 12, this answer addresses Medicare. As both sides are claiming that the other is really the one that wants to destroy Medicare, Rothfus goes for the half-truth of the Paul Ryan Medicare plan, that Rothfus supports, that wouldn’t affect any current seniors. While this is true in essence, it is ignoring those that have paid into for years and would be stuck fighting with high prices of profit through a Medicare voucher system.

The Rothfus campaign is quick to point out that the Medicare attack that was first used by the Democratic Party was the 2011 Politifact Lie of the Year. What the Rothfus campaign fails to say is that Critz isn’t using the ‘lie of the year’ part of the attack. Want to invoke our Lie of the Year? Get it right:

It is simple to me. The Republican’s plan, that Keith Rothfus supports, will still be called Medicare. It just will barely resemble what we now call Medicare.

It is kind of like supporting ‘civil unions’ as long as we don’t call it ‘gay marriage.’ It allows moderate Democrats to support gay marriage initiatives (Yes, I am aware that civil unions don’t carry as much weight as legal marriage.) as long as they can tell their God fearing constituents that they don’t believe in ‘gay marriage.’

No we aren’t getting rid of Medicare! It will still be called Medicare! Just now our rich buddies that run the insurance companies and hold our current medical system hostage can continue to make decisions about your care based on profit and price after you turn 65!

Rothfus Mail

Here are some mailings by Keith Rothfus trying to tie President Obama to Mark Critz. Since Rothfus would have a hard time running against Critz’s actual record of being a moderate Democrat that is Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, and Pro-Military, Rothfus is going to try and paint Critz as a flaming liberal. That is a bit of a hard sell in my opinion. The people that this type of mail piece really resonates with aren’t going to vote for any Democrats this cycle. So it looks like the Rothfus campaign just spent a couple of thousand dollars to preach to the choir.
Just like in 2010, Rothfus doesn’t seem to get what it takes to talk to the moderate split ticket voters that exist in Western Pennsylvania.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One of these things is not like the other

As I started to notice some campaign signs that have popped up around the North Hills, something caught my eye. I noticed that the Mark Critz for Congress signs looked different than the ones they used in the spring. I was pretty sure that the yard signs used by Mark Critz in the spring included the word ‘Democrat.’ To the archives! (Or at least to Google search.)

Here are some pictures from the spring:

Here is a picture of the current signs: 

As I told the Twitter Account for Mark Critz’s campaign, I believe this is a smart move by a Democrat that is running as a moderate Western PA Congressman. My beef isn’t with Critz’s campaign getting new signs as much as my beef is with all the bloggers and news reports that Congressman Critz was a ‘real Democrat’ and Congressman Jason Altmire was just a DINO. Then I started to think about all the Critz campaign statements that inferred Congressman Altmire was just a DINO.
It just screams as a sellout to me on some level. When you scream from one mountain top about how proud you are of something, and then climb another mountain and pretend you didn’t climb the first mountain. Okay, so I’m struggling with an analogy, but something just doesn’t sit right with me about this change.  

It's getting nasty in the PA House 16!

I was given some information a while back about Kathy Coder's tax liens, and I didn't share it because I didn't expect that race to get nasty. However, that has changed with a recent mailing by the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania in support of Kathy Coder. A simply nasty hit piece that tries to tie Rob Matzie to Jerry Sandusky.

But the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania didn’t do their homework about how hypocritical of an attack this is. Kathy Coder's husband, who is a Penn Stater, Evangelical NFL football player Ron Coder, has been intimately entwined with The Second Mile charity ofJerry Sandusky fame/infamy for years if not decades, yet Citizens Alliance sent out a mailer last week trying to tie State Rep. Rob Matzie to Sandusky on the basis of a charity funding vote in Harrisburg?  

Mrs. Coder also has some skeletons in her budget. She won’t let the government spend her money on something she doesn’t want them too. Mrs. Coder and her husband don’t like to pay their taxes on time.
Don't you think those who want to serve in government ought to pay their fair share to the government to start with?

UPDATE FROM THE BEAVER COUNTY TIMES: Coder paying off $42,500 in back taxes, tax lien on homea link to The Citizens Alliance of PA on the website of Tea Party Patriots of Central Pennsylvania. Here's what the Tea Party people say about their Citizens Alliance buddies:
“Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP), founded to raise the standard of living of all Pennsylvanians by restoring limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility.. By empowering the Commonwealth’s employers and taxpayers to break state government’s “Iron Triangle” of career politicians, bureaucrats, and Big Government lobbyists. “

Check out the cozy links:

So the Republican party throws money directly at Kathy Coder's campaign while she smiles for the camera and the Citizens Alliance throws money at trashing the incumbent. Nice little game there. If it was a beauty contest, no doubt Kathy would win. Homegrown beauty queen Kathy's face is plastered on billboards in Beaver County - same photo as the one on Kathy's Republican-Party-of-PA-financed mailers. Last week she let on at the Chamber of Commerce debate in Monaca (PSU Beaver campus) that she came home to Conway, Beaver County a few years ago. No! She has been living in and dividing the town of Bellevue in Allegheny County for the past four years on its borough council. She and her prayer group prayed about it and they overthrew the sitting council president in a midterm reorganization coup in 2008. Beauty is as beauty does.

And if you think THIS is a qualifier for running the business of government, well, shame on you:

Don't you think those who want to "serve" in government ought to pay their fair share to the government to start with? Only those who don't have the luxury of big money backing from the Republican Party, the Citizens Alliance, etc., right? Disgusting!