Thursday, November 1, 2012

The confusing tales of Kathy Coder

Here are some pictures that Mr. Byrne (you can follow his blog about the Pittsburgh Pirates here) took of the mailers. One sentence really sticks out to me as a statement that contradicts what Ms. Coder told the newspapers about her tax issue just a few days ago.

From a Beaver County Times article:

County court documents indicate that the lien has not been satisfied. Coder, a Conway native, said she and her husband, Ron, have “never missed a payment” and the balance now stands at about $20,000.

“I feel very strongly that I was on top of things and that I handled things well with my business, but when the IRS comes in and audits, it is what it is,” said Coder, who characterized the lien as “not a big deal.”

So Kathy Coder tells the voters that State Rep. Rob Matzie is lying to you! Her and her husband have paid all of their taxes! However, she told the newspaper that she still owes almost half of the back tax bill that comes from neglected to pay the correcty amount over 3 years. Also, she points out on the front of the mailing (it is tough to see) that she disclosed this information on her candidate financial report. Here is where she thinks the average voter is too stupid to understand how candidate financial reports work. You couldn't have paid off all of your unpaid, back taxes and also disclosed this on your candidate financial report. The only thing that gets reported on candidate financial reports are your debts.

While there are some semantics involved in these arguments, my real issue has to do with the fact that she owed $42,000 in unpaid, back taxes. She says it is only because of an audit that she owes these taxes. So if the audit wouldn't have caught her accounting 'errors' she would have found a way to avoid paying thousands of dollars in taxes. Are the voters ready to send someone to be in charge of a $27 billion dollar budget that couldn't even handle her own company's books?

Also, her quote that a $42,000 lien isn't 'a big deal' worries me about how she can relate with the average American worker.

Kathy Coder needs to come clean about what shady accounting practices she used at her company and also why she continues to talk out of both sides of her mouth about this issue.

Also how is it legal for Kathy Coder to take donations from a corporation?

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Anonymous said...

Eliminate the IRS and this wouldn't be an issue! Eliminate the FED!