Friday, November 2, 2012

Scott Wagner is an idiot

You have to be kidding me that Scott Wagner thinks he can tell everyone that he built his business and the Government had nothing to do with it.
He owns a company (Penn Waste) that makes money when local governments force their private citizens to pay his company directly for a service he provides.
His business might not be as successful if Mr. Wagner had to spend money marketing his product to individual citizens, but waste companies lobbied municipalities many years ago to force their residents to use a waste removal company chosen by the municipality (in most of Pennsylvania). So if it wasn't for the government forcing their residents to use Penn Waste, maybe Penn Waste wouldn't be as successful.
On Mr. Wagner's website he complains about how much his company has to pay in taxes when they purchase fuel for their trucks. What he fails to mention is what those taxes go towards. The residential roads that Penn Waste uses when they drive their overweight trucks around are paid for by liquid fuel taxes that get funneled to the 60+ municipalities that Penn Waste serves. So if Penn Waste didn't pay that fuel tax, Scott Wagner wouldn't have quality local roads to drive on and continue to build his business.
He doesn't seem to complain about how much the price of the trucks have gone up or if he started charging his customers more to cover the his increased costs. I guarantee that he has a fuel surcharge attached to his contracts with local governments that raises his prices (taxes) when prices go up.  
This is the crazy talk that just doesn't make sense to me from the Republican Party. They don't want to talk about anything past the surface issues. Republicans tell you about more freedom while they want to tell you how to live your life, who to love, and what to do in your bedroom.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary. Here's more on the jerk, and his relationship with Citizens Alliance of PA - PAC (the bunch behind funding of Kathy Coder supporting trash-Matzie mailers):

"...Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania, a group founded in 2009 by former railroad contractor and Pennsylvania State Rep. John Kennedy (R-Cumberland) and financed by donors like Penn Waste owner Scott Wagner of York County to push for anti-union "right-to-work" laws, limits on plaintiff's lawsuits against businesses, and state support for private schools."

Read more: