Thursday, November 1, 2012

Keith Rothfus spreads more lies about Congressman Mark Critz

More attempts by the Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania and Keith Rothfus to distort Congressman Critz's so called 'liberal' record.
Notice they used the 95% number from May 2012. His actual score with Nancy Pelosi as of today? 74%. Did you know lots of legislation are passed with an overwhelming majority of both parties? Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner vote together 23% of the time? So 23% of that 74% of the votes that Critz has voted with the Democrats he has also voted with the Republican Speaker of the House.
Notice they try to tie Obama and Critz together, even though Congressman Critz has only been in office sine June of 2010 and Obama has been in office since Januaray 2009. I'm sure unemployment is down since Critz took office and I'm sure the debt hasn't increased by $55,000 since June 2010.

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