Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unfair and absurd negative mailer from Mark Purcell

Generally speaking, this is an okay piece. Put your positive comments on the front and the negative on the back. However, my opinion (Mr. Purcell is going to love this) is that this piece is absolute b.s. and absurd. To put a fuzzy still from a video of someone with their eyes closed as proof that they are sleeping is just ridiculous. If you have a video of Ravenstahl sleeping, that would be proof, but generally speaking people do blink sometimes.

So I thought I would have a little fun with Mr. Purcell's videos he has posted on his facebook profile. Here are some clips of Mark Purcell sleeping:

Mark Purcell's new campaign slogan should be: "I will never blink as your State Representative!"

This isn't the first time that Mark Purcell has made a questionable campaign mailer:

Another question comes up about copyrighted material. Both pictures appear not to have been taken by Mark Purcell. The first picture that he altered appears to be the same as Rep. Ravenstahl's official picture at his State House website. The second picture has to be a still from a PCN video. There is always a disclaimer during PCN broadcasts that you can't use their copyrighted material for political purposes. I doubt there is any reprimand for using these pictures illegally, but I'm sure Mark Purcell will plead no contest to those charges too:

Mr. Purcell has attacked me for being anonymous, accused me of being part of the conspiracy, a girlfriend of a candidate, Luke Ravenstahl, and working for the Ravenstahl campaign. I'm sure this post won't help.

Let the conspiracy continue!


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the Ravenstahl's, but that is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

You're a Schuilenberg/Ravenstahl lackey trying to ruin a veteran's good name. Why should someone vote for this sleeping lifetime politician?

Vote Mark Purcell! Get rid of the property tax! Get a voice in Harrsiburgh!

Anonymous said...

Sloppy, ugly and he overdid it. But is the substance of the "not one word, not one time" claim true? If so is it unusual for freshman legislators to decline ever to take the floor?

NorthPGH Progressive said...

According to my sources it is fairly common for Representatives not to speak that often. Many of them feel that it is the same 10-20 legislators that use the podium for grandstanding and to get on television. I have to agree that if you aren’t convincing anyone to change their vote, it is a waste of time.