Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don’t believe what you’re told! Rothfus loves his version of Medicare

Political campaigns don’t send this type of mail to defend a candidate unless the negative message is starting to work for their opponent. As has been the major issue in PA Congressional District 12, this answer addresses Medicare. As both sides are claiming that the other is really the one that wants to destroy Medicare, Rothfus goes for the half-truth of the Paul Ryan Medicare plan, that Rothfus supports, that wouldn’t affect any current seniors. While this is true in essence, it is ignoring those that have paid into for years and would be stuck fighting with high prices of profit through a Medicare voucher system.

The Rothfus campaign is quick to point out that the Medicare attack that was first used by the Democratic Party was the 2011 Politifact Lie of the Year. What the Rothfus campaign fails to say is that Critz isn’t using the ‘lie of the year’ part of the attack. Want to invoke our Lie of the Year? Get it right:

It is simple to me. The Republican’s plan, that Keith Rothfus supports, will still be called Medicare. It just will barely resemble what we now call Medicare.

It is kind of like supporting ‘civil unions’ as long as we don’t call it ‘gay marriage.’ It allows moderate Democrats to support gay marriage initiatives (Yes, I am aware that civil unions don’t carry as much weight as legal marriage.) as long as they can tell their God fearing constituents that they don’t believe in ‘gay marriage.’

No we aren’t getting rid of Medicare! It will still be called Medicare! Just now our rich buddies that run the insurance companies and hold our current medical system hostage can continue to make decisions about your care based on profit and price after you turn 65!

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