Friday, October 19, 2012

The John Birch Society still has candidates running?

This might win an award for strangest political piece I have ever seen. What is the 'Biblical Truth Campaign?'
Those of you (like me) that are old enough to remember when the crazy John Birch Society had some influence on politics aren't that surprised to find out that Mr. Barr is a proud member of the John Birch Society
Are you allowed to use a political campaign piece to solicit donations for another organization?


Anonymous said...

Gawd dammmmmmm. Right after Richard Poplawski shot up the Pittsburgh police in Stanton Heights I saw his online writings indication that he was thick with some neoNazis up in Saltsburg. In addition to StormFront and those other nuts. "Truth Central" exists up there, huh? Nice. I remember being concerned for my Jewish friend who was living a mile or so away from the dirtball Poplawski followd at the time. "Biblical Truth Campaign" huh?

Anonymous said...

At least he isn't a homo loving Ravenstahl.