Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One of these things is not like the other

As I started to notice some campaign signs that have popped up around the North Hills, something caught my eye. I noticed that the Mark Critz for Congress signs looked different than the ones they used in the spring. I was pretty sure that the yard signs used by Mark Critz in the spring included the word ‘Democrat.’ To the archives! (Or at least to Google search.)

Here are some pictures from the spring:

Here is a picture of the current signs: 

As I told the Twitter Account for Mark Critz’s campaign, I believe this is a smart move by a Democrat that is running as a moderate Western PA Congressman. My beef isn’t with Critz’s campaign getting new signs as much as my beef is with all the bloggers and news reports that Congressman Critz was a ‘real Democrat’ and Congressman Jason Altmire was just a DINO. Then I started to think about all the Critz campaign statements that inferred Congressman Altmire was just a DINO.
It just screams as a sellout to me on some level. When you scream from one mountain top about how proud you are of something, and then climb another mountain and pretend you didn’t climb the first mountain. Okay, so I’m struggling with an analogy, but something just doesn’t sit right with me about this change.  

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Anonymous said...

Critz should just have Commiee for Congress.