Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's getting nasty in the PA House 16!

I was given some information a while back about Kathy Coder's tax liens, and I didn't share it because I didn't expect that race to get nasty. However, that has changed with a recent mailing by the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania in support of Kathy Coder. A simply nasty hit piece that tries to tie Rob Matzie to Jerry Sandusky.

But the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania didn’t do their homework about how hypocritical of an attack this is. Kathy Coder's husband, who is a Penn Stater, Evangelical NFL football player Ron Coder, has been intimately entwined with The Second Mile charity ofJerry Sandusky fame/infamy for years if not decades, yet Citizens Alliance sent out a mailer last week trying to tie State Rep. Rob Matzie to Sandusky on the basis of a charity funding vote in Harrisburg?  

Mrs. Coder also has some skeletons in her budget. She won’t let the government spend her money on something she doesn’t want them too. Mrs. Coder and her husband don’t like to pay their taxes on time.
Don't you think those who want to serve in government ought to pay their fair share to the government to start with?

UPDATE FROM THE BEAVER COUNTY TIMES: Coder paying off $42,500 in back taxes, tax lien on homea link to The Citizens Alliance of PA on the website of Tea Party Patriots of Central Pennsylvania. Here's what the Tea Party people say about their Citizens Alliance buddies:
“Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP), founded to raise the standard of living of all Pennsylvanians by restoring limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility.. By empowering the Commonwealth’s employers and taxpayers to break state government’s “Iron Triangle” of career politicians, bureaucrats, and Big Government lobbyists. “

Check out the cozy links:


So the Republican party throws money directly at Kathy Coder's campaign while she smiles for the camera and the Citizens Alliance throws money at trashing the incumbent. Nice little game there. If it was a beauty contest, no doubt Kathy would win. Homegrown beauty queen Kathy's face is plastered on billboards in Beaver County - same photo as the one on Kathy's Republican-Party-of-PA-financed mailers. Last week she let on at the Chamber of Commerce debate in Monaca (PSU Beaver campus) that she came home to Conway, Beaver County a few years ago. No! She has been living in and dividing the town of Bellevue in Allegheny County for the past four years on its borough council. She and her prayer group prayed about it and they overthrew the sitting council president in a midterm reorganization coup in 2008. Beauty is as beauty does.

And if you think THIS is a qualifier for running the business of government, well, shame on you:


Don't you think those who want to "serve" in government ought to pay their fair share to the government to start with? Only those who don't have the luxury of big money backing from the Republican Party, the Citizens Alliance, etc., right? Disgusting!


Anonymous said...

Why are you getting involved in Beaver County? They have been Godless and run by the communist party for years.

Anonymous said...

Rob Matzie is an outstanding public servant. Coder is a nickle grubbing Palin wannn-be.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why you chose not to disclose this. I thought you would be chomping at the bit to bring the truth out. Anyway, there is much more to this hypocritical candidate. She makes all kinds of false claims about what she has done for Bellevue as a council member, when the truth is she has used the citizens of Bellevue to try and reach her lifelong dream of high political office. Do a little more research on her; she makes Sarah from Alaska look like a liberal.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I beg to differ on Mrs. Coder. Sarah only hung out with Franklin Graham in Alaska - often for photo ops. Kathy's husband is on the payroll of Franklin and his daddy Billy. On the other hand, pretty little Kathy is like Sarah in praying so hard to see when and where God "opens a door" for Christian political careers! Ralph Reed must be proud of the fruits of his 1980s labors!

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Anon 3:25

Laziness mostly. Got real annoyed with taking time to post things to the blog this summer.

Anonymous said...

Lazy is right. You probally are part of the 47% that are lazy and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this vote in 2011 when Rendell wasn't in office? Interesting how CAP ignores that Corbett signed off on this legislation.

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