Monday, May 13, 2013

Social Media and the 2013 Primary

Will the campaigns with the most followers/likes win this spring?

With so many campaigns taking advantage of social media these days, I've often wondering how well it works for a campaign to get their message out. If followers/likes counted as votes here are the candidates that would win this spring:

Pittsburgh Mayor

Jack Wagner: 3,055 Likes
Bill Peduto: 939 Likes
Jake Wheatley: 93 Likes
No Page for AJ Richardson

Bill Peduto: 6,084 Followers
Jack Wagner: 750 Followers
Jake Wheatley: 698 Followers
No Twitter Account for AJ Richardson

Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas

Patrick Connelly: 701 Likes
Marc Daffner: 540 Likes
Mark Tranquilli: 367 Likes
Eleanor Bush: 240 Likes
Judge Bill Ward: 132 Likes
Joe Luvara: 76 Likes
PJ Murray: 65 Likes
Rosemary Crawford: 43 Likes
Marvin Leibowitz: 8 Likes
Marcia Cooper: (No Facebook Page Found)
Judge Paul Cozza: (No Facebook Page Found)
Jennifer Satler: (No Facebook Page Found)
Barbara Behrend-Ernsberger (No Facebook Page Found)

Patrick Connelly: 279 Followers
PJ Murray: 68 Followers
Mark Tranquilli: 51 Followers
Joe Luvara 37 Followers
Judge Paul Cozza: 36 Followers
Marc Daffner: 15 Followers
Marvin Leibowitz: 9 Followers
Eleanor Bush: (No Twitter Account Found)
Marcia Cooper: (No Twitter Account Found)
Jennifer Satler: (No Twitter Account Found)
Barbara Behrend-Ernsberger (No Twitter Account Found)
Judge Bill Ward: (No Twitter Account Found)
Rosemary Crawford: (No Twitter Account Found)

*Numbers were recorded on May 13, 2013*

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