Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 Primary - Bellevue

Local politics have been exciting in Bellevue the last few years with the Liberty in Bellevue Group and Marty Griffin paying way too much attention to a so called grilling ban.

There is a contested race in the Democratic Primary for Mayor in Bellevue:

Republican -- Joe Scioscia Jr.
Democrats -- Jane Braunlich, Paul Cusick

Our old friend Kathy Coder is running unopposed in the Republican Primary, but at least one of the Democratic candidates for council in Ward 1 is going to go home empty handed.

Council, Ward 1 (2)
Republicans -- Kathy Coder, Megan Swackhammer
Democrats -- Michael Braunlich, Henry Lenard, Michael Sendro

I don't think you see a husband and wife team on a local council too often, but it should make this 4 way race interesting:

Council, Ward 2 (2)
Democrats -- Vencent Walter Menosky, Matthew Senvisky, James Viscusi, Susan Viscusi

Council, Ward 3 (1)
Republican -- Grant Saylor
Democrat -- Lynn Tennant-Heffley


Scott said...

Typical party cronyism in Bellevue. Recently the local Dem committee met and endorsed candidates for these races. Conveniently, each candidate endorsed has ties to the voting committee members (or they are even committee members themselves). The only glaring bit of evidence is for Henry Lenard, whose Council petition was signed by several members of the committee.

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Bellevue is a pretty small town. One might expect that the people that are political involved are interested in Bellevue Government and the Democratic Committee.

I find the whole Liberty in Bellevue thing amusing. I think they have some valid points, but I do believe they have an agenda and will continue to push and look for 'examples' to prove their point