Monday, May 13, 2013

Primary 2013 - Pine-Richland

No contested races in the Primary in Pine Township, Richland Township, or the Pine-Richland School District. There will be a race in November for one of the Richland Township Supervisor seats. I was told that the current School Board members were having a hard time getting four people to run for office.

Pine Township

Supervisor (2)
Republicans -- Michael Dennehy Jr., Edward Holdcroft
Richland Township

Supervisor, District 2 (1)
Republican -- John Marshall
Democrat -- Robert Pavlecic

Supervisor, District 4 (1)
Republican -- Barton Miller

Pine-Richland School Board (4)
Region 1 (1)
Republican and Democrat -- M. Katie Shogan
Republican -- Gregory DiTullio

Region 2, 4-year term (2)
Republican and Democrat -- Dennis Sundo

Region 2, 2-year term (1)
Republican -- Marc Casciani

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