Monday, May 13, 2013

Disturbing letter from Judge Bill Ward

Anyone that reads this blog shouldn't be surprised that I would not be a fan of Governor Corbett's former Chief of Staff. This is the guy that was pushing the extreme political agenda of Governor Corbett for the first 3 years of his Governorship.
I had a hard time even reading this first paragraph of this letter. While I get his point about the judgeship being an important position, it is almost too disturbing to read. Not to mention, he is going to handling divorce and custody hearings for the first few years if he wins a seat on the bench.
So will Democratic voters see through the union bug and tricky way making it sound like he is actually a Democrat and vote for him in the 2013 Democratic Primary?


Anonymous said...

Judge Ward is the only non-pussy liberal bitch running for judge this year.

Anonymous said...

Judge Ward is pretty apolitical, and you have to respect someone willing to run in a primary and NOT changing their political party in a county where Ds outnumber Rs two to one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:57

That makes zero sense and doesn't make Judge Ward 'apolitical.'

Nobody that is a politician's chief of staff is 'apolitical.'

Enjoy your Republican fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:07

I get your point and your right about him not being completely 'apolitical', due to chief of staff position.

However, if folks at the Post Gazette, Tribune Review, and Allegheny County Bar Association are looking at his professional qualifications and deem him qualified and endorse him does it really matter which party he is registered with?

I know keeping an open mind can be too dangerous for some (Dems and Reps), but I like electing people who are qualified.