Monday, May 13, 2013

Primary 2013 - North Hills School District, Ross Township, and West View

The School Board in North Hills is a hot race with 10 candidates vying for 4 seats. The democratic nomination for tax collector is a 3 way race.

Ross Township

Commissioner, Ward 2
Republican -- Jeff Meyer
Democrat -- Stephen Korbel

Commissioner, Ward 4
Democrat -- Lana Mazur

Commissioner, Ward 6
Democrat -- David Mikec Sr.

Commissioner, Ward 8
Republican -- Jeremy Shaffer
Democrat -- Walter Salachup

Tax CollectorIncumbent Donna Carey stepped away from the work in June of 2011, deputizing Jordan Tax Service to handle tax collections for the township and the North Hills School District.

Republican  - Clifford Bright
Democrat - Jerry O'Brien, George Roderus, and Stephanie Conners-Maguire.

West View

Democrat -- J.R. Henry

Council (4)
Democrats -- William Aguglia. Bryan Kircher, John Koerts, Robert Schellhaas

North Hills School District (4)

Republican and Democrat -- Matthew Sean Edinger Sr., Thomas Kelly, Louis Krummert III, Joe Muha, Annette Giovengo Nolish, Jason Pirring, Kathy Reid, Sharon Schrim, Helen Spade, Michael Yeomans

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