Monday, May 13, 2013

Mailing in support of the Endorsed Democratic Candidates for Judge

Here is the mailing that the Allegheny County Democratic Party (I was informed that the Allegheny County Democratic Party was not involved in this mailing and it was organized by the candidates themselves.) sent out in support of their four endorsed candidates for Judge.
I'm not very impressed with the mailer because it looks too corporate, and I'm also not very impressed with the candidates. I plan on supporting one of their candidates (Mark Tranquilli). Two of the candidates seem to be at least qualified (Phillip P.J. Murray and Judge Paul Cozza), but I haven't been extremely impressed by those two when I look at the entire field. One of the endorsed candidates (Jennifer Satler) is ridiculously unqualified and a former Republican. Her biggest selling point she made in an interview with the Tribune-Review is that she wants to be a judge for 30 years. I would rather elect a qualified judge for 10 years of service than an unqualified attorney that may never become a good judge.

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