Thursday, April 5, 2012

The interesting mailings of State House candidate Mark Purcell

I received a copy of a letter that Mark Purcell sent to Democratic committee members when he was running for the endorsement for State House. Other than being long winded and negative they appear to be intentionally misleading and at least one 'fact' is pure speculation.

First off, this if just ridiculous if Mr. Purcell thought people might read this letter and think this is about Adam Ravensthal's campaign report. Luke's name was left off of every sentence and instead he was referred to as 'Ravenstahl' in hopes the committee members would think Adam Ravenstahl and Mike Turzai are in cahoots.

Secondly, you have to be kidding me that you think Luke Ravenstahl (cash on hand $342,000) and Mike Turzai (cash on hand $314,000) would risk their political careers for $1,000 donation to 'fix a legislative seat for Adam.' It is also crazy to think that Mike Turzai would fix any seat for a Democrat after the way the redistricting was handled. My sources tell me that any changes that were made to the 20th were between two Democrats (Adam Ravenstahl and Dom Costa) and that historically the majority party has allowed the minority party to swap parts of their districts between their own members.

Also, you might want to check some labor political action committees. They have given Republicans in the State Legislature thousands of dollars in the last few years including Republican Leader Mike Turzai.

There should be some accountability when someone makes a claim like this in a political mailer. Usually you see a footnote and a source.

Now let's talk about calling out everyone for being self-serving. Did Mr. Purcell really think that calling out Democratic chairs would win him the endorsement? (It didn't.) What happens if Mr. Purcell wins, does he think that Rep. Dom Costa and Democratic Leader Frank Dermody won't remember that they were called self-serving by the new freshman Representative? This sure won't be a conversation starter in Harrisburg as Mr. Purcell claims he will do on his website:

"The gridlock in Harrisburg and our national politics has a profound negative effect on all of us. We need to move away from partisan politics and move towards conversation and cooperation. I will work with both Democrats and Republicans for the good of Pennsylvania and its citizens."

This isn't the first time Mr. Purcell has printed misleading campaign literature. (Page 17)
Let the conspiracy continue!!

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The Ravenstahl's are dirty.