Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rep. Adam Ravenstahl crushes Mark Purcell for Democratic Endorsement

PA State House (20th District)

Adam Ravenstahl 111 (84.09%)
Mark Purcell 21 (15.91%)

Wow. I think those numbers speak for themselves. That is a huge victory for the Ravenstahl campaign. I have been told that Purcell sent two negative mailers against Ravenstahl. I don't have a copy of them, but I have been told that Purcell called out 7 Allegheny County Democratic Chairs, State Rep. Dom Costa, and State Rep. Frank Dermody for being 'self-serving.' This is a bold move since so many Democratic Committee members have good relationships with their committee chairs. Plus it would tough to go to Harrisburg and serve with the majority leader after you called him 'self-serving.'

To take a whipping like this on endorsement day and add in the fact that Purcell has been rejected by the votes of the 20th district in the 2006 and 2010 Primary, this has to just be demoralizing to a campaign.

On another note, I was contacted by Dave Schuilenburg the other day saying that he is running for the 20th State House seat. Mr. Schuilenburg ran for the City Council Special Election to fill Luke Ravenstahl's council seat as an independent against Darlene Harris. Schuilenburg ran for the Democratic endorsement as a Democrat in the 2007 Primary against Darlene Harris. According to my sources, Darlene Harris was Mayor Ravenstahl's pick to fill his council seat back in 2006. (Funny how that relationship has changed in a few years). Schuilenburg than ran against Harris as a Independent in the General Election and got 25% of the vote. A very impressive number for an independent running against a Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Mark Purcell will say anything to get elected. It has backfired on him over and over again.

Such an angry man.

Anonymous said...

3 loser commies.