Monday, April 9, 2012

Negative mail in the 20th District State House race

Here is a recently mailer that Mark Purcell sent.

Since the piece is only one color, it won't stick out. It doesn't stick out in a handful of business post cards. I also believe the picture to be a bit childish. I expect more from a 65 year old candidate, but after reading some of the tactics that Mr. Purcell has used in his numerous runs for office (State House as a Republican in 1982, County Recorder of Deeds in 1987, U.S. Congress in 2002, State House in 2006, State House in 2010) I don't expect him to do much that isn't negative.

I had a discussion with Mr. Purcell via email about his attack on Adam Ravenstahl for not talking on the floor of the house is going to resonate with the voters:

To: NorthPgh Progressive

Thanks for the thoughts, But he is very doable because the fact of the matter is that he has done virtually nothing the whole year and a half he has been there,…for example…he has never once taken the microphone and spoke one word on the house for, or in caucus…Never attends any community meetings..yet he promised to roll up his sleeves and fix the property tax assessment mess….not one word out of his mouth about it in any way shape of form…No proposed legislation of any kind, nothing…he is one of the worst legislators I have ever seen,…when I get done with him he will be running away from Harrisburg…He is way out of his league there. Keep I touch, I always like hearing differing opinions…keeps me in prospective.

From: NorthPgh Progressive
Date: Sat, Jan 7, 2012
To: Mark Purcell

How do you know so much about what goes in in caucus? I take it a House member doesn't like Ravenstahl and is feeding that info to you? Do you still work for the State House? I thought you worked for a representative last time you ran. I don't have that much time to watch PCN for what goes on in session! haha.

I have to disagree with you again, because I'm not someone that believes you have to be vocal to be a leader in a group of 203 cocky elected officials. Sometimes talking can be detrimental to the cause and I believe in elected officials that listen more than they talk sometimes. I guess I judge a freshman representative different than you. The ones that get up there and make a big stink usually burn out early because the guys that have been there forever control everything.

As for the tax assessment mess, what more could any of our State Reps do? Except for Randy Vulakovich, all of our Allegheny County reps voted for the moratorium. I am on the email blast list for the reps in the North Hills and I got an email from Ravenstahl that said how to appeal and what he has tried to do. I don't attend community meetings, but I get an email from him about every 2 weeks about what he is doing. If he isn't doing anything, he is at least doing a good job of sounding like he is up to good things in Harrisburg if you are a progressive Democrat and on our side about Marcellus Shale, School Choice, etc.

Sorry to be negative again, but the things you explained don't play well with the average voter in my opinion. Sadly, the average voter doesn't read blogs and barely pay attention to what State Representatives do. Even if you try to explain that in a mailer I think it would be tough to get across. I'm a political mail junkie. haha I just feel this would be extremely costly to make this race doable considering Ravenstahl won convincingly last time with 2 other candidates from the Northside in the race. I will guess that many of the Northside votes that went to Keller would jump to Ravenstahl. Like I said before, if the original map that the GOP drew up that didn't even have Ravenstahl's house in it, you would be sitting on higher ground. But with a city base and spread out to Coraopolis where I will assume the Reps that had those areas before will help Ravenstahl, it will be an uphill and costly battle for you.

After all that opinion, I will wish you good luck still. Keep me updated on your campaign and I will spread the info on my blog when I have time too. A question, are you going to file for the endorsement? I'm not a big believer in what the endorsement does for a candidate in the North Hills, but I'm not familiar enough with the city to see if the process does anything in those areas.

North Pgh Progressive

I have no problem with a elected official that doesn't get up to the microphone too often. I generally think that those that give speeches on the house floor are grandstanding. The members in the background on PCN generally look like they aren't paying attention. I often wonder when I turn on CSPAN or PCN if anyone is paying attention to the floor speeches by other members.

Also, I feel that there is way more to being a State legislator than giving speeches in Harrisburg. If Adam Ravenstahl wasn't saying anything all to his constituents, then I would have a problem. However, his state website looks like he is decently active in sending out press releases and newsletters. I know that I have signed up for emails from the legislators that serve the Northern part of the county and I have received quite a few from Adam Ravenstahl about what is going on in Harrisburg.

I really didn't think I would cover this campaign that much, but a few conversations (or should I say scoldings) from Mr. Purcell and it has become the 2nd most exciting race (after the Altmire/Critz race) for me. Mr. Purcell has attacked me for being anonymous, part of the conspiracy, a girlfriend of a candidate, and working for the Ravenstahl campaign. I'm sure this post won't help.

Let the conspiracy continue!


Anonymous said...

We need a Repbulican candidate in the State House. Purcell is as close as we are going to get. Vote Purcell!

Anonymous said...

Will people actually vote for this guy? I can't get over his one sentence paragraph. I would love to see what his legislation looks like when he introduces it. I bet it would be 10 pages and one sentence.

Purcell is the first candidate to make a Ravenstahl look good.

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