Thursday, April 5, 2012

Background Checks!

I've been reading a few articles recently about candidates that have criminal backgrounds. I can't believe that anyone that has been accused of theft of monies from the government would think they could ever run for public office. Maybe that is because the mindset of the people that would steal from the government find a way to justify it by blaming that they were caught on someone else.

Simply put, if you have a criminal background that involves theft of public dollars I don't expect the voters to be able to trust you with their tax dollars.

State House District 22:

Twelve years ago, Marty Schmotzer was charged with stealing $50,000 from county taxpayers while working as a deputy clerk of courts in the 1990s.

Eric Heyl's article in the Trib is a good read: Democrats' pick for House must fight temptation

The Pennsylvania Progressive wrote about Mr. Schmotzer's problems also: Another Black Eye For PA Dems

Past articles about Mr. Schmotzer's theft:
Auditors Track Down Funds
Row Office Clerk Pleads Guilty to Stealing $50,000.

State House District 20

In 1979 Mark Purcell was charged and plead 'no contest' to unemployment fraud while serving as a Ross Township Commissioner. He continues to plead his innocence and claim that he took poor legal advice. As expected, these charges have been brought up every time he has run for office. When I mentioned these charges to Mr. Purcell in an email the other day this was his response:
"Since I know for certain you are part of the conspiracy, let me have you pass on some information to your friends…I have done my homework on the Ravenstahls and their inner circle extensively…Dzamko, Klinger, Quigley, just to name a few of these sleaze bags…..You, them, Schiulenberg could not hold a candle to my integrity. They don’t want to go there with me, it’s a battle they cant win."

Going through some old newspaper clippings, this seems to be Mr. Purcell's style. If you say anything remotely negative about him, he attacks back and points out that he is better than you. He used this technique with his neighbors (page 31) when he was a Township Commissioner.

Some articles about Mr. Purcell's 'no contest' charge:
Jan. 17, 1980

State House 24

Joe Preston didn't get accused of stealing money from the government, but he does have some legal issues that have popped up in the past:

From the Tribune Review, Aug. 3, 2007: A state lawmaker accused of assaulting a former girlfriend was found guilty of a reduced charge by a district judge on Thursday. Rep. Joseph Preston, 60, had been charged with simple assault following an altercation in his district office Sunday, but District Justice Jim Hanley found him guilty of harassment. He was also fined $300.

Would you be willing to vote for any of these candidates?


Anonymous said...

Didn't we just get rid of some of the dirty politicians. Do we need more?

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Mark Purcell: