Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look Familiar?

The recent mailing that someone sent out against Luke Ravenstahl as seen at the Post Gazette Early Returns blog looks rather familiar to me. A negative post card with simple black print on a grey post card with no return address and using first class mail has been done before in Pittsburgh/Allegheny County. Just this past spring in the County Controller race a very similar mailing was sent out against George Matta. Do you think the same person was behind these two mailers?
On a side note, does anyone want to point out that Dan Onorato started his career on city council when he was younger than Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is now? Was Onorato a 'non-adult' in 1991? Also, is 31 not an adult?


Anonymous said...

This has Wagner written all over it. Put some doubt into the Democratic Committee and suggest someone with a long resume. When Dan doesn't run, the next obvoius choice is Jack Wagner.

Anonymous said...

Talk about the blind leading the blind!!!!!!!!!

Replace one liberal pussy for another liberal pussy. Pittsburgh will always be a hell hole with Democrats in charge.

Anonymous said...

Problem with Wagner is that Lamb will beat him in his base.

Anonymous said...

The PG said that Wagner's husband and longtime Democratic activist Khari Mosley told Early Returns that the mailer is not from the Wanger forces, and that he first saw it at the Early Returns page last night.

I guess the PG is ignoring the fact that Pete Wagner hates his son-in-law and wouldn't have told him if the Wagner clan (or should I say klan) was up to something like this?

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows who Mike Lamb is outside of insiders. Hes a horrible campaigner with bad hair and a worse disposition. Jack Wagner is a household name.

More about Lamb...I like him politically but how has he become the progressives great white hope? Bill Peduto has a larger base, has a better story to tell and the P-G is itching to support him. Its his last chance to run and if he doesnt hes wasted our time for a decade and might as well move to Cleveland. If Jack doesn't get in, Bill is the only one who can beat Lukey.

Also this is a typical Chelsea Wagner camp thing to do....throw a bomb in a room and see what the place looks like after the smoke clears. Theres no doubt among Dem Committee fogies that Mrs. Wagner (Khari) was behind the Matta Mailing.

Anonymous said...

I think Tom Murphy's people were behind this. You know the Murphy loyalists hate the Ravenstahl loyalists.

It would be smart for the Wagner's to be behind this because no one would expect them to 'support' Onorato.

Anonymous said...

Your way off on Lamb being known only to insiders. He is the only one running that has actually won a city-wide election. He has support throughout the city not just in one area. Wagner can't win the south hills if Lamb is in and Lamb plays better with the progressive's in the East End. He's a far stronger contender against Luke than Bill who has never expanded beyond his East End base.

Anonymous said...

Lamb took 3rd behind Peduto in the 2005 Mayoral Election. Lamb only did better than Peduto on the Northside, West End, and Brookline. Not to mention Lamb was polling better than Peduto a few days before the Election. Maybe Peduto's campaign manager will come back and work his magic. Wait, is Peduto's 2005 campaign manager looking for work?


So Ravenstahl is strong on the Northside, Peduto is strong in the East, Lamb might be strong in the West End/Mt. Washington, and Wagner is strong in Brookline.