Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Does Raja have anything positive to say?

More Raja mailings were sent out yesterday. More abortion attacks on Fitzgerald sent to Republican/Non-Partisan households:

These 2 mailers were sent to Democrats:

As I have said before, for someone that says he isn't a 'politician' all we have seen from him are the usual political tricks. Half-truths and quotes that out of context look worse than they are.

Reading these mailing, anyone that understands what County Council does will see through these false claims. Allegheny County Executive does not have any authority over abortion issues. Allegheny County Council has very little to do with the unemployment rate when it is tied to a national unemployment spike. But I have to ask, where did they get their numbers that claim unemployment has doubled since Fitzgerald was elected as a part-time Allegheny County Council member? In January 2000 when Rich Fitzgerald started his first term on County Council, unemployment was at 4.6% for Allegheny County. The most recent data shows Allegheny County at 7.6% as of August 2011. That is not double. Even the highest Allegheny County unemployment has reached during Fitzgerald's tenure is not double (8.6%) of 4.6%. Also if this was sent to Democrats don't many of them believe our unemployment problems are because of Raja's supported candidate President George W. Bush.

Many of us hate that money is so involved in our political campaigns, but it is a necessary evil. Anyone that takes the time to read the actual email that Fitzgerald sent shows that it is a firmly worded request and the pull out quotes used in this mailer appear to be in jest and sarcastic in nature.

So again I ask, does Raja and his campaign have anything positive to say about issues that the Allegheny County Executive actually has authority over?

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