Friday, November 4, 2011

Junior Olympic Softball Coach for County Controller!

I didn't expect Bob Howard to do much of anything for the Allegheny County Controller race. I'm pretty sure he is farther to the right than most of the tea party and was too conservative for the Republican Primary voters in North Allegheny when he lost he re-election for School Board. If I remember correctly he was involved in trying to ban some books at NA while School Board President.

The post card is a little too busy for me, but I did find some interesting/confusing points. While he is going after Wagner for not having 'experience' he also claims being a softball coach is his experience to be our next controller.

Some other things to debunk in this mailer. Claiming a State legislator that handles a $27.3 billion dollar budget has no budgeting experience is just plain confusing. I'm pretty sure legislators have to manage their staff so no management experience is also a stretch.

Also we see again a Republican that throws around the 'career politician' comment. Ms. Wagner is 34 years old and she started serving as a State Representative in 2007. Before she was a State Rep. she worked as a lawyer and also worked for a private company that analyzed budget numbers for governments. So she didn't start off her career working for a politician or in politics so we need a stronger definition of career from the Allegheny County Republican Party.

Since Howard's running mate, Raja, is claiming a part time county council position is a career what does he think about his 4 years on the North Allegheny School Board. According to Raja's definition of career politicians, Howard's claim that 4 years on the school board is extremely different to Wagner's 5 years in the State House doesn't add up.

I also have issues with people that attack politicians for having a family that is involved in politics. While too many people may vote on name alone and/or trust a family member of a politician, it isn't fair to just write someone off because they are related. Just as I would suggest that no one should vote just on a name or a party affiliation, I would suggest we shouldn't not vote for someone because of their name or party affiliation.


Anonymous said...

Bob Howard is too American for you to understand. Keep it up you liberal commie.

Anonymous said...

How did the Post Gazette endorse this guy? What a joke.

Bob Howard said...

The good news is that most voters will recognize the response to my mailer for what it is. The response is simply a smear piece by someone lacking the courage to identify their work. Like all smear pieces it employees a lot of “name calling” and assumptions. Not all, but most voters will agree with the major Pittsburgh newspapers, that there is a considerable difference in experience and independent judgment between me and my opponent.

Anonymous said...

Northpgh Progressive either can't read or can't remember what she read from one second to the next, having missed the parts on Bob Howard's campaign literature about his 34 years in finance, accounting, audit, and financial control.

And she seems to know absolutely nothing about Junior Olympics, a rigorous athletic program operated by volunteer coaches who help outstanding young athletes earn a sbot at the Olympics. It's probably the concept of earning one's way in life that repels Northpgh Progressive. If the government doesn't seize money from some people to hand out to others, then it's not worth having, right Northpgh Progressive?

And I can fully understand why Northpgh Progressive LOVES Chelsa Wagner, a lazy entitlement child who missed half of the roll call votes in the state House. Her highest achievement in three terms as a state representative was to twice introduce as prime sponsor a bll that would strip local school boards of their prerogative to decide whether, in what grade and in what level of detail sex education is included in the curriculum. Under Ms. Wagner's HR 1163, sex ed would be mandatory. It could not be cursory but would have to be comprehensive. And -- hold on to your bonnet, grandma -- it would have to start in the first grade. Why? Says Ms. Wagner: we have to prepare these kids to make up their own minds about when, where, and with whom to start having sex.

No wonder Chelsa Wagner is the darling of Planned Parenthood.

Only three-quarters of Pennsylvania's public school students graduate from high school. Only half of the black students in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh escape their academic gulags. Many of those who do graduate need remedial math and writing to get along in college.

And now Chelsa Wagner would heap upon the over-regulated public school teachers the burden of teaching comprehensive sex ed.

Northpgh Progress and Chelsa Wagner are the types who never hesitate to use the coercive power of government to intervene in private life to make us better people.

Progressive, let us recall, are that breed of politician who believes that a sophisticated elite cream of society should run the lives of the ordinary folk, confiscate our earnings in order to spend it more wisely, and to break down the authority of parents, the church, and private associations so that only the elites of government remain as the guiding authority of society.

Remember also that our first Progressive President, Woodrow Wilson had black Americans run out of the federal government because they were in the Progressive view, inferior. Likewise, Planned Parenthood's original mission was to promote abortion so as to rid society of blacks. Likewise, the Democratic Party was the epicenter of discrimination, lynchings, murders, poll taxes and the Ku Klux Klan.

Progressive do not like ordinary people, especially those who believe themselves capable of running their own lives, spending their own money, and raising their children in the faith.