Monday, May 16, 2011

Mark Patrick Flaherty Letter

The was sent to me by a Democratic committee person, so I'm not sure how many people received this letter. I assume this is in response to the negative mailer that Fitzgerald sent out last week.

The letter doesn't do anything to refute the accusations in the Fitzgerald mailing. As a Democrat, it doesn't bother me when some Democrats are pro-life. It does bother me when pro-life/pro-choice becomes an issue in a political campaign for an office that cannot change roe v. wade.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Looking at all your mailings, it just occurred to me I haven't received a speck of mail from any candidate for anything besides Darlene Harris.

She sent me five pieces, so that kind of makes up for it -- but why do you suppose that is? I missed one primary a couple years ago so I'm a 3 rather than a 4, but still...

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Every campaign seems to have different target lists. If you missed the 07 or 09 Primary Election you might get excluded. However I haven't missed an Election since the 1990's and was scolded by Dan Konieczka when I mentioned that Democrats didn't get his post card because I didn't get it. So who knows how they do some of the lists.