Friday, November 4, 2011

More Negative mailers from Raja

I have to share this comment that Rich Fitzgerald said at the debate earlier this week about some of the campaign staffers for Raja. (h/t PoliticsPA):

“Mike DeVanney has been part of what’s wrong with politics. Mark Harris is what’s wrong with politics,” blasted Fitzgerald. “They’re bottom feeders. They like to play in the mud.”

“They found a cash cow with this guy [Raja], and conned him out of two million dollars. It’s the biggest con job since Bernie Madoff.”

First off, I have to wonder why the Raja team didn't spin this into a racist comment since Fitzgerald mentioned cows and they are sacred in India. The Raja team has taken every other comment that Fitzgerald has made and tried to spin it in to a racist comment.

Second off, I have to agree with Fitzgerald. Who pays that much money to have a campaign team send almost identical post cards out? His team also didn't have the mailers spread out over multiple days. For how little time people spend reading these post cards, I have to wonder how much Raja wasted on having 2 days this week where there were multiple mail pieces hitting on the same day.

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