Monday, May 16, 2011

Chelsa Wagner's bold mailing

Chelsa Wagner sent out a mailer last week that gives the appearance that she was given the Post Gazette Endorsement. While the 2 of quotes from the Post-Gazette are positive, one quote was meant to be negative when read in context. Many out there might have seen this mailer and thought Chelsa was endorsed by the Post-Gazette, but the title of the article that she pulled these quotes from was: "Roberts for the Dems: She understands best the role of the controller" It is pretty bold on Wagner's part.

Just another side note, her campaign slogan is a bit mixed. "Look forward, not back" sounds great, except when you point out how great your legislative record is and how great it is to be the niece of a professional politician.


Anonymous said...

Imagine that...a Post Gazette article that not only endorses one person that has lived off the government teet(Roberts), but says nice things about her opponent with an entire family that lives off of the government.

Go back the city and keep ruining Pittsburgh. Stay out of our area!

Anonymous said...

Amazing what leaving out the word 'but' has done to the meaning of a quote.

Actual full quote:
"She is very well informed on local issues, but her view of what the controller can accomplish, as articulated during a meeting with Post-Gazette editors, seemed broader than the tasks that are the statutory responsibility of the officeholder."

Anonymous said...

The mailing is legitimate, used quotes properly and didn't imply that she got the pg endorsement. I thought piece was great

Anonymous said...

If you think this piece is great, then I'm worried about your ability to think for yourself. It is clearly meant to deceive and steal the endorsement credentials from another candidate. I'm not even a Democrat so I won't be voting for any of these candidates, but taking one look at this piece shows what garbage it is and what garbage Ms. Wagner is. She is pretty much a career pol, just like her family, and will do anything (including lie) to get her way.

NorthPGH Progressive said...

I think the answer is somewhere in between. I think the campaign was trying to spin the negative endorsement into a positive. I have more issues with using the quotes out of context.

It is a completely legitimate piece, but in politics legality can be tricky because politicians are supposed to be above smoke and mirrors to get their message out.