Friday, October 15, 2010

Will these mailers convince you that Jane Orie didn't abuse taxpayer's money?

#1: Jane Orie is not running against Steve Zappala or his family, she is running against Dan Demarco, a Ross Township Commissioner and Harrisburg outsider. Hardly a 'Good Old Boy'

#2 Are we supposed to ignore the nepotism by the Orie family when Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin (Soon to be indicted!) gave Janine Orie a government job working directly for the Supreme Court Justice.

#3 Why everyone ignoring how poorly Tom Corbett handled the intern's complaint?

#4 Did Jane Orie blatantly break the law and use taxpayer money and resources to campaign for her sister because she knew she would be safe from an Attorney General investigation? Does anyone remember this quote from the Trib:
"As a former prosecutor, I understand it's extremely complicated and (the investigation) expands as he goes along," said Sen. Jane Orie, R-McCandless, a former assistant district attorney in Allegheny County. "I'm confident in (Corbett) and I think he has handled this well."

#5 This is a sad display of a power hungry politician and family.


Mike said...

I am curious what the average non-biased person thinks of her mailings. They show the complete state of denial she is in. Everyone is out to get her, and none of it is her fault. Her paranoia just screams out of these mailings.

I keep wondering if they could be the best thing for Dan DeMarco in that she is just scaring everyone.

NorthPGH Progressive said...

I wonder how many people will think Orie is running against Zappala. Zappala may never get the North vote again for DA and it might be tough for his sister, who did well in the North last time she ran, to run for judge again.

Mike said...

I saw her commercial last night. It is a similar paranoid theme.

The problem I have with her claiming not being part of the "Good Old Boy" network is that she was the Senate Majority Whip. You don't become that unless you are one of the "Good Old Boys".