Monday, October 25, 2010

Jane Orie: I was for the tax before I was against it.

Sen. Jane Orie has really outdone herself this time. In her most recent mailing she accused her opponent, Dan Demarco, of raising taxes by 150%. Local elected officials in Pennsylvania have very few taxes they can impose or raise. One would assume this 150% tax increase must be property taxes, but that would mean a major increase in property tax millage. Generally our citizens pay very small amounts of our property tax bill towards the municipality. Our school taxes are the largest chunk of our property tax bill. A little research on Ross Township’s property tax rate will find the 8th lowest property taxes (1.97 mils) in Allegheny County. That seems like a pretty impressive record for any elected official in Allegheny County.

So what tax is Jane Orie talking about? She is referencing the $52 Occupational Privilege/Emergency Municipal/Local Services Tax. In 2004 the state gave every municipality the option of raising the tax on citizens that worked in the municipality from $10 to $52. So Dan Demarco and Ross Township only raised the tax to $25. So Sen. Orie is telling us because of a $15 increase in taxes we should vote for her and Dan Demarco is just another tax and spend liberal. Jane Orie wants to scare us with facts and figures, but would we be as scared if she told us that Dan Demarco didn’t raise taxes as high as 110 other municipalities in Allegheny County did?

In order for Ross Township to have this option of raising this tax in 2004 on those that were employed in Ross Township, the state had to amend the local tax enabling law of 1965. So the State Legislature had to approve this new option allowing municipalities to raise this tax. Guess who supported and voted for this tax increase? Sen. Jane Orie. So using Jane Orie’s math, she approved a 420% tax increase in 2004, and now is trying to use that same legislation against her opponent.

I started to think back a few years and I remembered that this isn’t the first time Jane Orie has used legislation that she voted for against a political opponent. When first running for State Senate against a member of the Rooney family she attacked him because the Rooney’s accepted public funding for Heinz field and the implosion of Three Rivers Stadium. The kicker was she voted for the legislation that approved funding to be used for the stadiums and convention center.

Jane Orie, just another power hungry politician grasping at straws.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Tom Corbett investigates you and your family. You know your names ends in a Z!

Mike said...

Pittsburgh North's name is Perez, or Rodriguez, or maybe Horowitz?

I was wondering how she came up with the 150% tax increase.

I assume the energy tax is the gas severance tax which most people are in favor of.

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Sorry to disspoint, I have never met the Zappala family and I am not related.

It appears the energy tax is based on the trumped up stats the Republicans have been using about the gas severance tax. The Republicans don't mention that these companies don't pay property taxes on mineral rights in PA and that these drilling copmanies are making around 50% profit.

Anonymous said...

You're nothing but a WOP Union Thug.

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Wow, it gets even better. This wasn't a tax increase at all. It was a tax shift. The best kind of tax shift. One that tooke it off Ross Township residents and puts it on 86% non-residents.

So Dan Demarco voted to lower property taxes and Jane Orie attacks him for it. Wow.