Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mike Turzai Mailer

Let's be honest, I don't think it is possible for Mike Turzai to lose. I might be okay with him being my State Rep, if he didn't take the time to go after the only local elected Democrat in his legislative district just because of party politics during the 2009 elections. Mr. O'Malley was a young fresh voice on the entirely senior citizen Richland Township Board of Supervisors. Mr. O'Malley voted 99% with the Republicans on the Board of Supervisors.

So why did Mr. Turzai waste his important time to send out a mailer against someone who never raised taxes, consolidated the police force, saved taxpayers a million dollars in building costs, and eliminated a 1/3 of the Richland Township employees? Sounds to me like Mr. O'Malley was doing everything that Mr. Turzai says he is fighting for in Harrisburg. I guess policy will always be trumped by party politics in Mike Turzai's world.

FYI, Mr. Turzai's opponent is Dr. Sharon Brown. I don't know much about her other then some bad literature I saw during the Primary Election and that Mr. Turzai challenged her petitions in the spring. The Post Gazette has endorsed Mr. Turzai.

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Anonymous said...

Turzai is the man. Way better than any of you Democratic Asswipes.