Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How much support with Keith Rothfus accept from organizations that don't disclose their donors?

This is the third direct mailer that has been sent out against Jason Altmire this month from the 60 Plus Association. With a $600,000 television ad buy by the Americans for Job Security and three direct mailers from the 60 Plus Organization how much money will Keith Rothfus accept in indirect campaign assistance from organizations that don't disclose their donors?

I would hope the voters and the candidates call for the end of this shady money like this that is influencing our elections. However, Mr. Rothfus doesn't just stand on the sideline like most candidates would in this situation. Mr. Rothfus has come out in support of these shadow groups while at the same time saying we need campaign finance reform. So is Rothfus's idea of campaign finance unlimited and undisclosed money for our political campaigns?


Anonymous said...

This guy Rothfus is classic conservative. It is all about him.
He says we need to reform how candidates raise money, since I got outraised. I think independent groups that don't disclose their funding are okay because they are helping me.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA - Muslim
PELOSI - Crazy botox liberal
ALTMIRE - Obama and Pelosi's puppet

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until I can call Congressman Rothfus and Altmire has to go home to his rich neighbors in McCandless with nothing.