Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another 60 Plus Mailing for Rothfus

The other day I was told by a Keith Rothfus supporter that my first post about the Anti-Altmire 60 Plus Association direct mailing was "difficult to read the fine print on your blog, but it seems to be primarily an anti-tax ad, not anti-Altmire." and "In fairness, that ad doesn't even mention Rothfus OR voting against Altmire. It says "Call" him & ask him to vote."

If you can't see that this is a shady attack attempting to convince you that Congressman Altmire is behind the 'claims' of these mailers that are not true and talking points from Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, then enjoy your far right world.

If Conservatives want to close their eyes and pretend they don't care where the money comes from for organziations like Americans for Job Security and the 60 Plus Association that will influence their Elections so be it. However, I don't want to see these same conservatives complain about candidate funding and attempt to make it a campaign issue. So I was surprised to see after I was told that there was nothing wrong with these anti-tax mailers, that this same blogger wrote a post about Congressman Altmire outfundraising Keith Rothfus. She tried to highlight money that Altmire received from groups with addresses outside of Pennsylvania as an campaign issue. It will be completely ignored by those that are blindly fowling the Republicans and Tea Party that at least $650,000 has been spent on TV and direct mail against Congressman Altmire. We will never know where that money has come from.

So once again, will Mr. Rothfus denounce these ads? It doesn't matter now, these ads have already accomplished what was needed. They have allowed Mr. Rothfus cover, while these organizations put out attacks on Congressman Altmire based on lies and innuendos.


Anonymous said...

Altmire is a douchebag - you and your fucking liberals are unAmerican.

Anonymous said...

Altmire is just a Pelosi lap dog - Vote for Rothfus! Eliminate the Federal Government!

Mike said...

Eliminate the Federal Government? Is that part of the Rothfus platform as well? I guess it makes sense since the Republican policies described in their "pledge" will add trillions to the deficit and destroy America.

By the way, Altmire has already said he will likely not be supporting Pelosi for re-election.