Friday, October 29, 2010

Jane Orie attacks Dan Demarco for a property tax reduction

I went off the other day about Sen. Jane Orie attacking Dan Demarco for raising taxes $15 (or 150%) based on legislation that Orie voted for that raised most of her constituents taxes by 420%. Then little information was provided to me about this 'tax hike' from 2004. The legislation that Dan Demarco voted for to increase the Emergency Municipal Services tax (formerly the Occupational Privilege Tax, currently the Local Services Tax) included a Property Tax CUT for Ross Township Residents. So Dan Demarco voted to REDUCE the property tax from 2.0451 mills to 1.9671 mills. Here is the the PG article.

The PG gives some more detail on the Emergency & Municipal Services Tax, which is essentially a 'user fee', that affects about 22,000 workers in Ross of which 86% don’t even live in the Township but use Ross services. So Dan Demarco was looking out for the people he represented and Jane Orie wants you to think she is the one that will fight for us? I hope the voters see through her games.


Mike said...

The hard part is getting the word out about her deception.

She is practicing the tried and true tactic that if you tell a lie enough it becomes accepted as the truth.

Anonymous said...

Demarco is just another Tax and Spend Liberal. Jane Orie is fighting to take all his taxes he charges us away by eliminating property taxes.