Sunday, March 18, 2012

This doesn't look good for State Rep. Joe Preston (D-24th District)

From City Paper's Slag Heap

In state House 24, Gainey alleges forgery by campaign of incumbent Preston

by Lauren Daley

Warm weather is finally here ... and so are the season's petition challenges!

In the state House race to represent District 24, the campaign of challenger Ed Gainey this morning trumpeted a legal challenge to the nominating petitions filed by longtime incumbent Joe Preston. Gainey supporters have asked Commonwealth Court to disqualify Preston, and in this morning's statement, the Gainey campaign accuses Preston's camp of forging signatures."

The [petition] objections allege two pages of signatures that are comprised entirely of signatures that are blatant forgeries," the press release states. "Submitting forged signatures displays a blatant disrespect to the voters in the district."

Were signatures forged? The court will have to decide, but you can come to your own conclusions: Here are four pages of contested signatures provided by Gainey's campaign. Judge for yourself.

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