Saturday, February 11, 2012

Allegheny County Democratic Endorsements

Everyone that closely follows politics in the Pittsburgh area will be waiting for the results of the Allegheny County Democratic Endorsement meeting. The bloggers, politicos, and political reporters pay more attention to the endorsement than voters. We have seen plenty of candidates without the endorsement win the Primary, so I don't know how effective getting the endorsement is. However, it is important to the candidates and their campaigns as a momentum swing leading into the Primary.

Here is the list of candidates going for the endorsement:

I've been told that there have been some mailings sent out in the Altmire/Critz race, but no one sent them to me this year. One comment from a reader was that Critz appears to be spending a lot of money for the endorsement.

My predictions for the endorsement vote in contested races:

Doyle over Brooks
Altmire over Critz
Ravenstahl over Purcell
Schmotzer over Frank and Lunny
Gainey over Preston

We'll see the results on Sunday.

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