Sunday, February 26, 2012

Altmire wins Westmoreland County Democratic Endorsement

Congressman Altmire was expected to win the Beaver County and Allegheny County Democratic Endorsements, but there are few that predicted that Altmire could win endorsements in parts of the new 12th district that Critz currently represents. I mentioned before that Altmire would do well in the Allegheny Kiski Valley (AK Valley) because he grew up there. Someone in familiar with Western PA campaigns said that Altmire's former high school football star status alone could get him the vote in the AK Valley. People in Western Pennsylvania take high school football very seriously.

Here is the full release from the Altmire campaign:

Critz Freefall Continues as Altmire Wins Westmoreland County Endorsement in Runaway

U.S. Congressman Jason Altmire today won the endorsement of the Westmoreland County Democratic Committee with 64 percent of the vote. Altmire has now won all three head-to-head county endorsement votes over his primary challenger Rep. Mark Critz.

In total, Altmire has won an astonishing 74 percent of the vote combined in the democratic endorsements in Allegheny, Beaver and Westmoreland Counties. Today's Westmoreland County vote is a particularly painful blow to the Critz campaign given the fact that three-quarters of the democratic voters in the Westmoreland portion of the new 12th district are current Critz constituents. The three counties together account for 75 percent of all democratic primary voters in the new 12th district.

The endorsements come on the heels of the release of a recent Critz internal poll showing Altmire leading the race by double-digits.


Anonymous said...

What a blow to the Critz campaign, especially considering Mark is also a born & raised Westmoreland native.

Anonymous said...

This is why the Critz folks challenged Altmire's petitions - it's their ONLY chance of winning this thing.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Altmire had to cheat to get enough people to sign his petitions.