Saturday, January 14, 2012

State House Elections - 20th District *UPDATED*

Here is the new map of the 20th State House Distinct. The green parts are the old district and the aqua blue line is the outline of the new district.

First off I have to apologize for the size of that map. Because of the huge...umm...phaulls shaped new 20th district I had to zoom out to get the entire district on my screen. At first glance it looks like half of the district is new with the added municipalities of Bellevue, Avalon, Ben Avon, Emsworth, Neville Township, and Coraopolis.

However, looking up the population numbers of those towns there isn't that many people added to the new 20th District. The population of the district is still mostly in the incumbents, State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, base.This is a strong Democratic seat with the Northside and Lawrenceville parts of the city. Generally the North Boros vote for Democrats along with Coraopolis.

Again this is a seat that any real challenger would have to come in the Primary.One challenger has mentioned to me that they are planning on running for this seat. Mark Purcell has expressed interest in running for the 20th District...again. Mark Purcell has essentially run for this seat 3 times. He lost in 2006 against Don Walko. He lost in 2010 when attempting to be appointed as the candidate for the special election and he lost in 2010 in the primary to Adam Ravenstahl by 15% in a 4 way race. Purcell also lost to Matt Drozd by 43 votes in an County Council election that I wished he would have been able to pull off.

In a district that hasn't changed much population and didn't add any more of Purcell's base, this looks to be an easy race for Ravenstahl who beat Purcell by 15% last time in a 4 way primary election.

Incumbent: Adam Ravenstahl (Democrat)

*UPDATED*Possible Challengers:

Mark Purcell (Democrat)

Melissa Haluszczak (Republican) (h/t politicspa)

Kathy Coder (Republican) (h/t politicspa)

I think even a well funded Republican would have a hard time winning this seat in a Presidential year. Especially a tea party organizer like Haluszczak


Anonymous said...

How many times is this asshole Purcell going to run for office? Seriously, I have never met a more arrogant blowhard that can't win an election then him.

Anonymous said...

Purcell has spent his entire life trying to run for elected office. I remember his failed attempt for Congress in 2002. He is the reason good challengers don't run for office. How many times can you be rejected by voters before you give up.

Unknown said...

Actually I've spent my entire adult life in service to my fellow citizens and my country. After volunteering for and serving in Vietnam I started serving my community in public office, first as a Ross Commissioner for 20 years, then helping so many others get elected to public office I can't remember them all. Running for and or holding public office has been a family tradition for three generations in my family. Starting with my Grandfather that served as a District Justice, and my father that started the "Notch Baby's (9) million strong, fighting for the rights of seniors, and my brother as a School Board Director, and my sister as a Township Commissioner.
While I support anyone’s right to an opinion, I have always chosen to put my name out front for all to see. Those that agree or disagree step up and say who you are. You'll feel a lot better about yourself.
Oh, by the way, I did not run in the 20th special election in 2010, only the democratic primary, and the new 20th is not City heavy, just the opposite is true. Do the numbers.

Mark Purcell

Anonymous said...

Mr. Purcell is a serious-minded candidate who has the maturity and experience to know how to actually DO something in the state legislature. Little Lukie's little brother looks good celebrating with a beer in his hand on the North Side, but let's get the two candidates together on a stage for a public debate, OK? May the more effective candidate win and become our representative in Harrisburg!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Purcell and his wife have shown up. haha

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Mr. Purcell, next time you say "I have always chosen to put my name out front for all to see" you might want to change your username from 'Unknown.' haha.

I consider your attempt in the Special Election as a run. If you were interested in it and submitted a letter of intent to the Democratic Committee, but backed out you still gave it a shot.

I'll study some numbers to see if you are correct. I was basing my numbers on the amount of Democrats that will most likely show up to vote on Election Day. I feel there will still be more votes out of the city in the new 20th on the Primary. I understand that the district has grown towards the west, but it doesn't appear that much of the city was taken out of the district from the map and description that I read.

Mark Purcell said...

Welp..I don't know where your getting the numbers, but no matter how i do them I always come up with a few thousand edge. But April 24th will tell the tale.

Oh, and I never submitted anything for the special election. It was a done deal by committee. Was not going to waste $3,000.

This time its more of an even committee race, so i submitted my $1750 for endorsement.

I owe the committee that respect to make an endorsement this time. Last time Burns raised the fee from $700 to $3000 for the 20th alone. Some people just don't want a race, so they convinced Burns to raise the fee.

Anonymous said...

Hummm.. Don't know about you all, but on this, the first day of circulating of petitions, a person came by my place seeking nomination signatures for a 3rd Democratic candidate... Looks like we may have a race again!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Coder for State Rep!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy! If you liked Sarah Palin you're gonna LOVE Kathy Coder! She's a bit more softspoken (less screechy) than $Palin, but every bit as deeply-installed in Franklin Graham's bible-thumpin' ChristoFascist pocket! Ask who signs hubby Ron Coder's paycheck. BTW, Ron was unabashedly introduced to the Northgate School Board as "the First Dude" of Bellevue by his clueless beauty queen wife, Kathy!

Scott Irlbacher said...

That last comment is straight out of the political playbook (and vocabulary) of Mark Purcell, the 65 year old fraudulent Ross citizen who can't keep his fingers out of Bellevue.

He has a serious issue with Kathy Coder and is responsible for several attempts to maliciously spread lies and distortions about her family, her husband, and her Christian faith...all while himself attending Assumption Church. What a goon.