Friday, January 6, 2012

New State House Districts North of Pittsburgh

Here are the new maps that will have an impact on North Hills area residents. All of the old districts are in green with the new districts outlined in blue:

16th District (State Rep. Rob Matzie):

20th District (State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl):

21st District (State Rep. Dom Costa):

28th District (State Rep. Mike Turzai):

30th District (State Rep. Randy Vulakovich):

33rd District (State Rep. Frank Dermody):

54th District (State Rep. Eli Evankovich):


Anonymous said...

Who is Eli Evenkovich and why did he get shoved into Allegheny County?

Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of Ravenstahl. All of them! First Adam in 2012, then Luke in 2013. Then we figure out how to get their Dad out as magistrate. They have all ruined the Northside with years of bad leadership.