Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why would the Democrats support Shawn Flaherty

County Councilman Jim Burn does not appear to be running for re-election for his seat on Allegheny County Council.  

The district was changed a bit with redistricting this past year and it appears to be a little tougher of a win for a Democrat than before, but should still be held by the Democrats.

Two Democratic candidates have emerged to replace Jim Burn. One is named Mary Gibson a lawyer for Giant Eagle that appears to have a long list of Democratic Party activities. The other candidate is Shawn Flaherty. Mr. Flaherty is the son of former Pittsburgh mayor Pete Flaherty and also served as a State Representative for a few months back in 2006.

I liked Mr. Flaherty when he won a seat in the State legislator and was disappointed to see him lose to now State Senator Randy Vulakovich in November of 2006. However, Mr. Flaherty turned his back on the Democratic Party in the fall of 2011.

Shawn Flaherty was disappointed that his cousin, Mark Patrick Flaherty, lost to Rich Fitzgerald in the Democratic Primary for County Executive. This bitter lost led Shawn Flaherty to support Raja, the Republican candidate in the General Election:

So my question is why would the Democratic Committee want to support Shawn Flaherty for a post that if elected could make life pretty tough on the Democratic County Executive? I think the Democratic Committee and the Democrats in the 3rd County Council District should really think hard about who to support this spring.
On another note, the only Republican candidate for this council seat that I have heard about it Mike McMullen.

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