Monday, February 21, 2011

Stumbling at the Gate

Mark Patrick Flaherty's campaign sent our an invite a few weeks ago inviting everyone (I'm guessing Democratic Committee Members only) to a Spaghetti dinner last Friday. Below is the invite:

But something went wrong! Flaherty's campaign decided to reschedule the event (I blocked out the date since it wouldn't be fair if everyone that read this blog could crash the event that is still in the future):

But wait! Something else went wrong. Okay, so you can't really see it because I bocked it out, but the 2nd invite had a date that didn't' match up with the day of the week that was listed. So a 3rd mailing was sent out:

It seems like a bit of an expensive and embarrassing mistake by the Flaherty campaign. The Democratic candidates for Allegheny County Chief Executive have stumbled a bit early this campaign season. A reader of this blog pointed out that Rich Fitzgerald sent a letter with his website address, but the website is 'coming soon.'
Let's hope they get their act together, since both Patti Weaver and Raja look to be serious candidates from the Republican side.

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