Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mary Beth Buchanan and Corrupt Politicans

You may think that this post will be about Mary Beth's 'proud' record of going after 'corrupt politicians.' I wouldn't be proud of spending millions of our dollars to prove nothing, but Buchanan has been telling everyone that will listen about her fight against public corruption as she runs for Congress.

When one starts to throw stones, they better not live in a glass house. So will Mary Beth Buchanan answer any questions about her connection to corrupt staffers from State Senator Jane Orie's office? Mary Beth Buchanan's campaign manager is Kurt Acker. He is mentioned as a staffer aware of the illegal activities that were going on in Orie's office:

"During her testimony, Ms. Rioja quoted staff member Kurt Acker as once saying, "if the Attorney General's Office knew what was occurring in [Sen.] Orie's office, that 'they all would be in handcuffs.'"

Mary Beth Buchanan touts her job as a federal prosecutor going after politicians like Jane Orie, but she looks the other way when hiring these corrupt staffers for her own staff.

Update: Mr. Acker has since changed his twitter page since this blog was posted. Here is the screen shot from this morning:

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Anonymous said...

These are excellent points; government in Pennsylvania could come to a halt because of Corbett Hypocrisy and it is time to call on Tom Corbett to become decent and realize the vastness of what has happen.

It is also a chance for Tom Corbett to help in the reforms to correct the problems statewide.

We need an Amnesty Legislative Hearing, and have everyone turn themselves in before their interns or employees do it.

Bring all forth talk about, pledge never to do it again, pay a fine, and have immunity from prosecutions.

Set up new procedures that has safeguards and a way to admit if a future violation happens without penalty unless intentional and repeated pattern or practice.

The best reform can be mostly using Public Websites that monitor Elected Officials and Employee Pay, Comp Time, Expenses, and Activities for anyone to see.

Vacate all convictions and guilty pleas, payback the bonuses, expenses, and a fine.

Drop all current investigations and upcoming trials; let the Amnesty Legislative Hearing be public for the Voters to decide later in elections on what they heard.

Reform the Pennsylvania Grand Jury System from Prosecutors abuses with added exculpatory safeguards.

Establish the Attorney General to go back to being appointed but not from the Governor but from the other opposite of the Governor's Party with a lifetime ban on any appointed Attorney General running for Governor, Senate or Congress so he can do his job honestly without political ambitions!

Call them THE CORBETT REFORMS in his honor!

In this way, each elected official that made mistakes or developed sloppy practices has a chance to admit it, be free to defend himself or herself, and explain it to the voters without fear of prosecution.

The voters will decide the elected official’s fate, and all office scan reorganize the employees needed and not needed since campaigning will no longer be part of Public Service.

The excess employees can be transferred to Democratic and Republican Campaign Offices funded by Contributors to the Party to work on the Campaigns as the Party see fit, but on Political Party dime, not government treasury.

These offices should be next to the Capitol for all Lawmakers to walk over the street and do what they need to do on campaigning.

It is not fair and it is immoral what is happening to a few when now the public knows everyone was doing it.

This is the right way to handle this scandal now.

If not, drips and drabs, of accusations will lead to more investigations, and it is time to reform, the process with organizational common sense approaches, not selective power grab career executions and political persecution, and selective prosecution.

Why be mean when all can come clean?