Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let the political ads begin

I have to say I enjoy political ads during the news this time of year. The positive ads are 60% spin and the negative ads are 75% scare tactics. I have seen mostly positive ads, except for some negative ads in the Special Election to fill Murtha's Congressional seat.

The great invention of the Internet (Thanks Al Gore! Even if the joke is based on a misinterpretation) allows candidates to post their ads on their websites and YouTube. While I question how much posting a commercial on YouTube helps reach undecided voters, it sure is fun for political geeks like me.

My favorite negative ad I've seen this year is by Keith Rothfus who is running in the Republican Primary against my favorite former US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan for Congress. While I don't agree with most of Keith Rothfus's platform, I do believe he is the better candidate for the Republican Primary. Sadly, his campaign has barely been mentioned thanks to Mary Beth Buchanan's superior name recognition.

Mr. Rothfus, you have my vote for best negative ad of this year's Primary season so far:

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