Friday, May 2, 2014

Supreme Court Strikes Guzzardi From PA-Gov Ballot - via PoliticsPA

Interesting that the Department of State, under the control of Mr. Guzzardi's opponent, gave him the wrong information and Mr. Guzzardi was kicked off the ballot for that incorrect information.

Elections lawyer Adam Bonin gave a different reaction.
“I’m a little surprised by this ruling, because Guzzardi presented a pretty convincing case below that Department of State staff gave his team incorrect information when he showed up with his papers. What today’s decision confirms is that the failing to meet the ‘two filings’ requirement is one of the few rock-solid ways you can still be kicked off the ballot, and I look forward to seeing the Court’s full opinion to understand why they’re maintaining this position.”

Supreme Court Strikes Guzzardi From PA-Gov Ballot

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