Friday, April 22, 2011

Local Election - Shaler Township Commissioners

Here is the list of candidates for the Shaler Township Commissioners:

Shaler Ward 1 Commissioner:

Democratic Candidates: Edward Duss* & Wayne Skelley
Republican Candidate: No one filed

Shaler Ward 3:

Democratic Candidate: N0 one filed
Republican Candidate:David Shutter*

Shaler Ward 5:

Democratic Candidate: No one filed
Republican Candidate: Susan Fisher*

Shaler Ward 7:

Democratic Candidate: No one filed
Republican Candidate: Bill Cross*


Shaler Township's last property tax increase was 2009 and before that it was in 1988 when Governor Tom Corbett was a commissioner in Shaler Township. The millage rate is 3.05.

All 4 incumbents voted for the tax increase in 2009. For how many people are upset about taxes, I find it surprising how many local candidates don't have candidates running against them after they have made a vote to increase taxes. Where is the Democratic Party in Shaler Township that they can't find candidates in 3 races.

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