Monday, January 17, 2011

North Hills Elections - County Edition


Do you know anyone who is running for local political office in the North Hills? Please let me know.

When I started this blog my hope was to focus on local elected officials and local political races. While last year, the political process dictated that I focus on the Elections that were held in November that didn't include any municipal offices.

Here is the list of the political Elections at the county level in the North Hills for 2011:

County Executive

Current: Dan Onorato (announced he will not seek re-election)

Possible Challengers: Dems: Mark Patrick Flaherty, Rich Fitzgerald, Michael Lamb Rep: Jan Rea, Jim Roddy, Eileen Watt, Barbara McNees, Mary Beth Buchanan, Melissa Hart, Patricia Weever


Current: Mark Patrick Flaherty

Possible Challengers: Chelsa Wagner, Matt Smith, Nick Kotik, Valerie McDonald Roberts, Brian O'Malley, George Matta, Brenda Frazier

District Attorney

Current: Stephen Zappala

Possible Challengers: ?


Current: John Weinstein

Possible challengers: ?

County Council

At-Large (countywide, one Republican, one Democrat)


Current: John Defazio

Possible Challengers: ?


Current: Chuck McCollough

Challengers: Heather Heidelbaugh, Tom Baker

Council District 2

Current: Jan Rea

Possible Challengers: Sharon Brown, Brad Cline,

Court of Common Pleas [At least two seats will be up for election. The recently appointed judge (Michael Marmo) still must win during the next municipal election]

Current: Michael Marmo

Possible Challengers: Alex Bicket, Leah Williams-Duncan, Carolyn Bengel, Jeffrey Eisenberg, Joseph Luvara, Hugh McGough, Michele Zappala Peck, Jennifer Satler, Michael Sherman


Anonymous said...

I think Michael Baker is running for County Council.

Anonymous said...

I meant Tom Baker.

Anonymous said...

Dan Demarco doesn't live in District 2

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Thanks for the Michael Baker tip.

I removed Dan Demarco from the county council list. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Bengel is NOT running for Common Pleas Court. She is running for re-election as the District Magistrate.

Anonymous said...

As of today, the candidates for Common Pleas Court are Mike Marmo, Alex Bicket, Marc Daffner, Leah Duncan-Williams, Eleanor Bush, and Jennifer Satler, and possibly Joeseph Luvara.

NorthPGH Progressive said...

Anon 2/9/11 at 4:19

Thanks! I am trying to update my campaign links on the right side of the blog, but it doesn't look the way taht it should. I will post a blog update about county judges soon.