Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sen. Jane Orie's shameful mailing

I thought I would take a moment to share the hypocrisy of one of our State's leaders. Sen. Jane Orie is under indictment on multiple charges of corruption. Even with her upcoming trial hanging over her head, she has the guts to put on a mail piece that she is cleaning up Harrisburg. Is she speaking of the same Harrisburg that I know? A Harrisburg that includes her Republican buddy Tom Corbett ignoring the call from the intern that reported her misuse of taxpayer staff and resources for her sister's Supreme Court campaign? I would only believe the first line of this mailer if she was wearing a janitor's outfit and had a broom in her hand.

I also want to know what she means by 'fighting for us.' I don't believe that 'us' includes me. I believe 'us' only includes those with a name that starts with a J and includes an Orie somewhere.

Today her opponent, Ross Twp. Commissioner Dan Demarco, announced that he is leading her in polls. I hope that the voters see the past Sen. Orie's misleading mailers and think twice before sending her back to Harrisburg.

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